Educational Activities

Primarily, the activity of the Department’s staff is concentrated on teaching higher mathematics to students of the following faculties: Physycal Engineering Faculty, Integrated Technologies and Chemical Engineering Faculty, Mechanics and Technology Faculty, German Technical Faculty, Organic Substances Technology Faculty, Applied Physics Faculty, Power Engineering Faculty, Military Training Faculty, Business and Finances Faculty. The following cources are taught: the general cource of higher mathematics and some special cources as well – linear algebra, theory of functions of complex variable, variational calculus, functional analysis, mathematical physics, probability theory and mathematical ststistics etc. Many of these disciplines are taught in English and corresponding textbooks written in English are avilable.

Among the textbooks written in English one can find textbooks covering general cource of higher mathematics and textbooks focused on particular sub-cources: differential and integral calculus for one variable functions and for functions of several variables, differential equations and series, linear algebra and analytic geometry, probability theory and mathematical statistics.

You can find the description of the textbooks here and here (the full list – in Russian).