121«Software Engineering»

The educational programme of the specialty 121 “Software Engineering”, which implicates educational and professional (1.5 years) and educational and scientific (1.9 years) training programme, is aimed at the formation of competencies in design and testing of software systems in the field of web development, development of databases, data mining, computer games, etc. The curricula of the educational programme are based on the experience of leading European and American universities, as well as the requirements of IT companies and information and analytical departments of enterprises and organizations.

About the educational programme:
The aim of the educational program is to prepare specialists in design, development and research of software systems for various subject areas.

Basic disciplines of the educational programme: “Architecture and Technologies of Distributed Software Systems”, “Models and Methods of Decision Support”, “Models and Technologies for Security of Software Systems”, “Analysis and Modeling of Problem-Oriented Software Systems”, “Basics of Intellectual Systems Design”, “Intelligent data analysis and knowledge extraction”, “Big data processing technologies”.

Participation in double degree programmes with universities of Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, France is possible. There is also a mobility programme with universities in Slovenia.

After getting a Master’s degree, graduates work in the following positions: Business Analyst, Architect, System Analyst, Software Developers (Middle, Senior Developer), testers (QA engineer), specialists in the field of Software Development Management (Project Manager).

1) Questionnaire for students
2) Questionnaire for Lecturers
3) Questionnaire for discussion (applicants, graduates, research and teaching staff, representatives of the IT industry).

121 – 1.4

121 – 1.9

Qualifications: Master of Software Engineering.

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