126«Information Systems and Technologies»

Information systems software is a contractual basis offer of the specialty 126 “Information Systems and Technologies”, which involves the training of specialists in working with information systems and technologies, includes a blockchain and distributed systems disciplines. The curriculum was developed based on the cooperation of the SEMIT department with leading European universities in France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Norway, Slovenia and Lithuania within the framework of the international MASTIS project.
About the contractual basis offer:
The purpose of the contractual basis is to train specialists in the development and maintenance of information systems and technologies for various purposes.
Basic information technologies disciplines: “Object-Oriented Programming”, “Operating Systems”, “Basics of Web Technologies”, “Database Design”, “Technologies of Development of Web-Oriented Systems”, “Basics of Information Systems Design”, “Network Technologies”, “Administration of Information Systems”, “Basics of Information Systems Security”, “Web Application Programming”. Disciplines of the Blockchain set: “Blockchain Basics”, “Basics of Cryptography and Cryptanalysis”, “Smart Contracts”, “Blockchain Platforms and Blockchain Ecosystems”.
Basic disciplines in applied mathematics: “Mathematical analysis”, “Theory of probability and mathematical statistics”, “Algorithms and data structures”, “Computer Mathematics”, “Methods of information processing”, “Methods of optimization”, “Decision Theory”.

After graduating from Bachelor degree programmes, graduates work as software developers and testers (Junior Developer, Junior QA).

Qualifications: Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology

126 bachelor (final)