Lectures and workshop by the professor from a French university

On December 15-16, NTU “KhPI” was visited by Thierry Amon – Professor of the Sorbonne University Paris Nord. He told about his university and gave lectures and a workshop from Specialized Text Mining, which was joined by students of the SEMIT Department.

The lecture provided an overview of NLP methods for intellectual analysis of specialized texts (technical and scientific fields). After outlining the difficulties and peculiarities of obtaining specialized textual data, the professor presented the methods of their pre-processing. Thierry Amon then described in detail the approaches to the recognition of named objects, the selection of terms (semantic units related to the concept of scientific or technical field) and considered the tools that implement the methods. In the final part, he described the evaluation of approaches to text mining and presented the application of these methods in biomedical texts.

The workshop focused on using some NLP or API tools to identify semantic entities in texts. Workshop participants received certificates.

Thierry Amon also held a meeting with graduate students of the department and took part in the defense of master’s theses of the educational program 121 “Software Engineering”. The professor noted the relevance of their chosen topics and the high level of research.

International cooperation with leading specialists in the field of IT is an important part of the scientific and educational process of the SEMIT Department, which allows to maintain a high level of its educational activities. Professor Amon’s visit is another proof that NTU KhPI and the University of Paris 13 have great prospects for cooperation.

Daria Kulishova, a student of KN-419b, who participates in an international program with the Sorbonne University Paris Nord, received a certificate after participating in the workshop.