Ensuring quality training of future specialists in the IT industry

The Department of Software Engineering and Intelligent Control Technologies and the Department of Information Systems and Technologies together with the training laboratory of EPAM have launched a pilot project for students of NTU “KhPI”.

Third-year students will develop software in accordance with the objectives of the final projects for participants in ERAM University curricula. Under the guidance of the coordinator of the Java laboratory of EPAM Georgy Molchanov and associate professor of the Department of Information Systems and Technologies Andriy Pashnev, students will receive the most applied and relevant knowledge and skills to work on their own projects.
Students will also have access to ERAM University course materials – this will help participants prepare as effectively as possible for their own projects.

According to the coordinator of EPAM training programs Ivan Mikheev, students with the best results will have the opportunity to go through the final stage of study directly at ERAM and pass an interview with the company.
The experience gained in the implementation of this pilot project is planned to be extended to other leading IT companies operating in Ukraine. This will allow implementing the strategy of training university students in accordance with modern requirements of the IT sector and ensure the employment of our graduates in the best IT companies in Ukraine.

We thank the representatives of ERAM for their cooperation and continue to work on a common task – to provide quality training for future professionals in the IT industry.