Public discussion of the educational program draft “Computer Sciences and Intelligent Systems” of the SEMIT Department (Bachelor’s Degree)

Proposals of the working group of the educational program:
– to introduce Vladislav Igorevich, a student of the KN-420a group, Dzinzyura Vladislav Igorevich, into the working group of the EPP “Computer Science and Intelligent Systems” as a representative of the student community;
– to clarify the list of educational components and their logical sequence – to take into account foreign applicants for higher education;
– to clarify the correspondence of certain learning outcomes, competencies and educational components – summarize the matrix.

Public discussion of the draft educational program “Computer Science and Intelligent Systems” of the first (bachelor’s) level of higher education >>></a >

Your suggestions, recommendations or wishes for improving the quality of the educational program can also be sent to the EP guarantor at the email address Andrii

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