International Workshop MoMLeT&DS

😌Scientific and pedagogical staff of the SEMIT Department of NTU “KhPI” took part in the international workshop Modern Machine Learning Technology & Data Science (MoMLeT&DS), where the head of the department Andriy Kopp presented a paper on “Towards Algorithmic and Software Solution for Business Process Model Analysis and Correction”, performed together with colleagues – Professor Dmytro Orlovskyi, Associate Professors Iiuliia Litvinova and Olha Yangolenko.

🏅The MoMLeT&DS workshop provides a forum for researchers to discuss machine learning models, multi-criteria decision analysis, and multi-objective optimization, as well as their applications in real life.

👨‍💻The work presented by the staff of the SEMIT Department of NTU “KhPI” aims to make a contribution to the field of Business Process Management by offering algorithms and software to improve the correctness of business process models based on their structural analysis. This will improve the quality of BPMN business process models, reduce the likelihood of errors and the corresponding cost, time, or even more serious consequences for critical processes.

👍Participation in the prestigious scientific event demonstrates the high scientific level and active involvement of the NTU “KhPI” SEMIT Department in research work.

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