122«Computer Science»

The educational programme of the specialty 122 “Computer Science” provides 2 specializations.
The specialization “Business Intelligence of Intelligent Systems in Software Engineering” is aimed at training specialists in the development of business strategy and tactics and the formation of relevant requirements for an intelligent system and methods for their implementation.
The aim of the educational programme is to prepare specialists in the field of business analysis of software engineering – intermediators between business and IT, proposing changes in technologies and processes that will help to put into action the key business objectives.
The subjects of this educational programme are: “Analysis and Management of Requirements”, “Models and Methods of Management of Modern Business Systems”, “Simulation Modeling and Analysis of Business Systems and Processes”, “Quality Management in IT Projects”, “Engineering and Reengineering business systems”,“Information systems in management”, “Cloud computing”, “Data analysis and technology Business Intellegence ”.

The specialization “Software Engineering Project Management” provides training of specialists in the planning, organization, management and control of labor, financial and material and technical resources of an IT project aimed at the effective achievement of its goals.
The purpose of the educational programme is to prepare specialists involved in: forming a team of software developers in the process of implementing an IT project plan; defining performance criteria; evaluation of project processes and products using common management methods, planning and control of work.
Among the subjects of this educational programme there are the following main disciplines: “Standards and Methodologies for Management of IT Projects”, “Planning, Implementation and Completion of IT Projects”, “Methods for Evaluating the Labor-Expenditure of IT Projects”, “Formation and Development of IT Project Teams”, “Quality Management in IT Projects”, “Risk Management”, “Information Security”, “IT Startup Management”, “Information Technologies for IT Project Management”.

Participation in double degree programmes with universities of Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, France is possible. There is also a mobility programme with universities in Slovenia.

After getting a Master’s degree, graduates work in the following positions: Business Analyst, Architect, System Analyst, software developers (Middle, Senior Developer), testers (QA engineer), specialists in the field of Software Development Management (Project Manager) .

Qualification: Master of Computer Science.

122 – 1.4