122«Computer Science»

Computer Science and Intelligent Systems is a competitive offer of specialty 122 “Computer Science”, which provides a focus on intelligent systems.
The curricula of the educational program are made taking into account the experience of the world’s leading universities, as well as the needs of IT companies and information and analytical departments of enterprises and organizations.

The educational program is aimed at training professionals who are able to solve complex specialized problems and problems in the field of computer science and intelligent systems in the implementation of professional activities or in the learning process, which involves research with elements of scientific novelty and / or innovation and is characterized by uncertainty of conditions and requirements.

Among the subjects of this educational program are the following main disciplines: “Introduction to Business Analytics”, “Fundamentals of Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Representation in Intelligent Systems”, “BigData Technology”, “Data Mining and Knowledge Extraction”, “Models and decision support methods ”,“ Project Management ”,“Introduction to DevOps”, “Cloud Computing: Cloud Technologies and Applications”, “VI Technologies”.

It is possible to participate in double degree programs with universities in Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, France. There is a mobility program with Slovenian universities.

After graduation, graduates work in the following positions: Business Analyst, Architect, System Analyst, Middle, Senior Developer, QA engineer, Project Manager. ).

Qualification: Master of Computer Science.

EPP 2022 1 year 4 months
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Curriculum 2022 1 year 4 months

EPP 2022 1 year 9 months
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Curriculum 2022 1 year 9 months