International Projects

Erasmus + is a programme of the European Union aimed at supporting partnership projects, mobility and activities in the field of higher education, professional training, support to youth and sports. The programme includes the following areas in the field of higher education:
Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals – mobility for students and lecturers;
Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and good practice – collaboration for the development of Jean Monnet Activities universities potential – the development of European research.

Project site:

Project duration: 15 October 2015 – 31 September 2019
Target group: students, PhD, LLL
Grant Recipient: Universite Lumiere Lyon 2, France
Coordinator: prof. Jean Hugues CHAUCHAT
Contacts: phone.: +33 6 78 98 12 06, fax: +33 4 72 71 98 44,
The project coordinator in Ukraine: prof. Zolotaryova I. O,
Contacts: phone.: +380677596158; +380997218145,

Project goals and objectives
• Wider objective is to improve Master Programme in Information Systems according to the needs of the modern society;
• to bring the universities closer to changes in global labour market and world education sphere;
• to enable them to stay responsive to employers’ needs; to give students an idea of various job profiles in the Information Systems domain;
• to ensure employability throughout graduates’ professional and soft skills.
• Analysis stakeholders requirements to Master Programme in Information Systems and revision of current Degree Profile and curricula in Information Systems;
• Development new competence- and experience-oriented curricula including ECTS based on Tuning methodology Curriculum;
• Creation innovative academic environment for Information Systems Programme as a platform for training/retraining, PhD, LLL for providing Master Programme in Information Systems Capacity Building;
• Dissemination and exploitation project results;
• Assurance the quality of project implementation and achievement of the planned results.
The results of the project partners’ activities are reflected and distributed on the site of the Mastis project Mastis.
The results of the Software Engineering and Management Intelligent Technologies Department of NTU «KhPI» activity within this project are:
1. Master Programme in Information Systems was developed according to the needs of the global labour market. (
• an analysis of the requirements for the training of masters in the field of IP was carried out;
• (!1564&parId=FE2D07750274F369!1543&authkey=!ACTxiROyEhHqhq8&app=Word)
• survey of employers was conducted;
• (,
• mechanism for improving the curriculum was developed.
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2. Together with partners, the current Degree Profile and curricula in Information Systems according to the Bologna recommendations and the national qualification framework was completed
• Degree Profile in Information Systems;
• Master curriculum for the specialty “Information systems and technologies” was developed
• Curriculum for the course “Databases and Data Warehouses” was developed
3. New competence- and experience-oriented curricula including ECTS based on Tuning methodology was developed.
• Licensing of a new master curriculum was carried out
• Quality assurance measures were implemented (questionnaires for student and expert evaluation).
4. Innovative academic environment for Master program of Informational Systems was created as a platform for training/retraining, PhD, LLL.
MASTIS MOODLE online platform
5. Extension of the experience received from MASTIS project
• The pedagogical seminar “Progressive educational technologies -extension of lessons received from MASTIS was held
• The inter-university seminar was organized (November 13, 2017), at which the topic “Problems of specialists training in the field of information systems and technologies” was discussed
• A network of partners stakeholders of the project was built, that took part in discussing requirements or the IT market, competences of graduates and evaluating educational programs (,!1666&parId=FE2D07750274F369!1554&authkey=!ACTxiROyEhHqhq8&app=Word,!1668&parId=FE2D07750274F369!1554&authkey=!ACTxiROyEhHqhq8&app=Word)
• Cooperation contracts with new IT company have been signed, network of partners is expanding (, )
6. Synergy with other international projects of NTU “KhPI”

• 7. Supporting of visualisation of project implementation results (!1644&parId=FE2D07750274F369!1553&authkey=!ACTxiROyEhHqhq8&app=PowerPoint!1801&parId=FE2D07750274F369!1546&authkey=!ACTxiROyEhHqhq8&app=Word!1654&parId=FE2D07750274F369!1553&authkey=!ACTxiROyEhHqhq8&app=Excel)

All results of NTU “KhPI” of MASTIS project can be viewed here (

Within the framework of Key Action 1, the department of SEMIT actively collaborates with the Alpine-Adriatic University of Klagenfurt: students of the department have the opportunity to undergo internships at this prominent European university. Among the disciplines that they study at the technical faculty of this university there are the following: “Technologies of semantic Web space”, “Interoperability of information systems”, “Actual sections of software engineering systems”, as well as an intensive German course to correspond A1 level. There is an ongoing double degree programme with this university, as well as the Linneus University of Växjö (Sweden) and the College of Public Administration Economics and Management, Bratislava, Slovakia.

The department also introduced a project of academic mobility Erasmus + KA 107 between NTU “KPI” (department of Software Engineering and Management Intelligent Technologies) and the Poznan University of Economics and Business, which involves students and lecturers mobility.

Within the framework of the project the SEMIT Department is regularly visited by lecturers from European partner universities who hold lectures and seminars for students of the department.