What do you need to do to enrol in the top specialty of the IT field?

As of today, the Department of Software Engineering and Management Intelligent Technologies NTU “KhPI” is the leading educational center of Ukraine in the IT-field.
The department provides training in the 3 most on-fire specialties from employers:
121 – software engineering;
122 – computer science;
126 – information systems and technologies.
How to become a student of the department?
– consider the specifics of specialties;
– identify the most attractive specialty;
set priorities in accordance with your own aptitudes: (1 – the most desirable, 2 and 3 – other specialties of the department);
– pass each of the subjects of EIE for at least 170 points in order to participate in a real competition for state-funded place;
– at low EIE grades there is an opportunity to choose the contract form of education;
– read the Enrollment Requirements and correctly fulfil them.

If you did not scor enough points to enroll in the chosen specialty with priority №1, you can start studying at another department specialty that you had chosen with priority №2 or №3. Curricula are built in such a way that students after completing 1 and 2 years of education can transfer to another specialty of the department.