Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies

The department “Automatics and Control in Technical Systems” performs training undergraduate students in the specialty 151 “Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies” (ACIT) with specialization 151-01 “Computerized Control Systems and Automatics”. This undergraduate program lasts for 4 years divided into 8 semesters. Those students, who successfully finish training, get degree of Bachelor of Computerized Control Systems and Automation.

Studying ACIT specialty you will be trained in the field of computerized control systems, hardware and software for automatics and automation of technological processes at manufacturing enterprises, in transport and in everyday life. Computer-integrated technologies are used in the design, implementation and maintenance of modern automation and automatics.

Educational program for bachelor degree (undergraduate program) is designed for students who aspire to become specialists in the field of automation of technological and production processes using the most advanced computer technologies. The main advantage of the bachelor’s program is orientation towards formation of the widest scientific and technical outlook of future professional along with the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills in using modern computer equipment and electronic components, necessary programming languages and professional tools.
The program is balanced by the levels of socio-humanitarian and fundamental training and contains sufficient selective component in the specialty.

Main directions of the specialist activity are:

  • Automation and computing devices based on modern electronic, microelectronic and microprocessor elements and kits, programmable logic devices
  • Analysis and synthesis of complex and autonomous automatic control equipment, including computer systems based on microprocessors and microcomputers
  • Monitoring and control systems of distant objects and processes through special communication channels
  • Monitoring, testing and diagnostics of digital devices and control systems
  • Development and maintenance of systems with computer numerical control of technical equipment and tools in automated control systems of technological processes

The department has a large scientific and engineering potential, modern facilities, conducts research in several promising areas adjacent to the specialty, which allows to involve students to engineering and scientific activities at an early stage of education. The best graduates of the bachelor’s degree program are invited to apply for the master’s degree program, and later they are given the opportunity to start their careers in science and continue their postgraduate studies.

Students who study in the educational program “Computerized control systems and automatics”, undergo practical training, carry out diploma projects and work after graduation at the leading enterprises of Kharkiv and Ukraine: State Enterprise “Kharkiv Instrument-Making Plant Named After T.G. Shevchenko”, a group of companies LTD RPI “Hartron”, JSC Research Institute of Radio Engineering Measurements, Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB), SE Kharkov Research Institute of Integrated Automation, Scientific and Technical Complex “Institute of Monocrystals”, NPP “Diagnostic Systems”, NGO Automatic Control Systems, etc. Graduates of our department on specialization “Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies” now work at such enterprises: LTD RPI “Hartron”, “EchoStar Ukraine”, NIX Solutions Ltd., LCC SPE “Vertical”, SSI “Institute of Monocrystals”, LLC “OWEN”, SPE “Stalenergo”, and another.