Department Internet of Things

The Department of Distributed Information Systems and Cloud Technologies is a graduating department in the field of Computer Engineering (competitive proposal Applied Computer Engineering), specialization Software of Internet of Things information technologies. For 4 years, students receive basic higher education, study in a bachelor’s program, which includes fundamental and vocational training in the field of software engineering.

Fundamental training: higher mathematics, discrete mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics, physics, basics of programming and IT, data models and structures, theory of algorithms and calculation methods.

Vocational training:

  • In-depth fundamental training (mathematical methods of operations research, decision theory, system modeling)
  • Software technologies (programming, computer architecture, object-oriented programming, system programming, cross-platform programming, software testing, database organization, distribution and parallel computing, cloud technologies, search engine optimization of Internet applications, WEB- design, etc.)

The department provides training in the field of Internet technologies in the following areas:

  • design and development of Web-applications of different levels of complexity, programming applications for mobile devices
  • development of applications in the field of the Internet of Things for both the user and the production level
  • design and development of data analysis and processing systems using cloud technologies

After defending the qualification work, they are awarded the first diploma of basic higher education with the award of a bachelor’s degree – a technical specialist in the field of computer technology. Bachelors, taking into account the results of their studies, have the opportunity to obtain a full higher education with a master’s degree and a second diploma in accordance with international standards.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department includes 11 highly qualified teachers (among them 3 doctors and 6 candidates of sciences) who have practical experience in developing modern software products. Teachers of the department have certificates confirming their level of professional training, awards of international competitions. Professor Lev Ruskin was awarded two international diplomas from the Oxford Scientific Union – OXFORD ACADEMIC UNION (in 2015 as the best scientist of the year for solving the Chebyshev problem and in 2019 for the best solution of the Hamilton problem).

The department conducts intensive training of candidates (PHD) and doctors (DRS). Over the past five years, the department has trained 2 doctors of sciences and 6 candidates of sciences.

Students of the department are trained in classrooms equipped with modern personal computers and high-speed Internet access. Students have access to licensed Microsoft software. The department has its own large electronic library of textbooks and scientific literature. Senior students undergo international certification.

The department has close scientific and technical relations with IT companies of Kharkiv.

The DISCT department has been cooperating with one of the world’s largest companies EPAM for several years. EPAM provides the department with the opportunity to participate in company events, student training, computer equipment. External trainings of the company are held on the basis of the department, in which the teachers of the department take part. Graduates of the department successfully work in various positions at EPAM.

The department is located in the center:

  • cultural life of NTU “KhPI” – to the Palace of Students of NTU “KhPI” 80 meters;
  • sports life of NTU “KhPI” – 200 meters to the Sports Complex of NTU “KhPI”;
  • student life of NTU “KhPI” – to the dormitory of students of NTU “KhPI” 80 meters.

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