Pignasty O.M. Statistical theory of control systems for continuous production / O.M. Pignasty. – LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. ¬ – 2018. – 436 p. –ISBN: 978-613-9-95512-1.

The book outlines the foundations of the statistical theory of production line control systems. Two levels of description of production systems are considered: microlevel and macrolevel. At the micro level, the parameters of the state of subjects of labor are determined and the trajectories of movement of subjects of labor in the phase space of states that correspond to a given production technology are investigated. At the macro level, the relationship between the flow parameters of the production line is considered: interoperational backlogs and the rate of processing of subjects of labor in technological operations. The relationship between the levels is determined by the kinetic equation of the production process. A significant part of the book is devoted to the study of the conditions for the stable functioning of the production process. The applied problems of the operational control of the flow parameters of the production line are considered in detail, which, along with the requirements for the asymptotic stability of a given planned unperturbed state, contain wishes for the best quality of the transient process.

Cloud monitoring in socio-economic research

Bondarenko TS Cloud monitoring in socio-economic research: monograph / TS Bondarenko, GK Kozhevnikov, OO Ageeva; – Kharkiv: Miskdruk, 2016.– 192 p.The monograph outlines the methodological problems of cloud monitoring in the socio-economic sphere, highlights the features of building cloud monitoring systems, discusses the experience of using cloud technologies and describes cloud services for building monitoring systems in socio-economic research. The formation of a monitoring system based on the use of cloud services of the Google search engine is proposed, the structure of the cloud monitoring system is considered and its components are described.

Applied Continuous Linear Programming

Raskin L.G., Kirichenko I.O., Seraya O.V. Applied continuous linear programming: 2nd ed., Rev. and add. Monograph / On the Russian mov. – Kh.:, 2013 .– 293 p. The book presents the theoretical foundations of a new mathematical apparatus – continuous linear programming, which is a generalization of linear programming. The formulations of many technical, economic, military and other problems with the same type of mathematical model are given: find a function that delivers the minimum (maximum) value to a linear functional under the same constraints. A technique for solving such problems is proposed. The solutions of a large number of examples that illustrate the technique are brought to the final results.The book is designed for a wide range of readers, including specialists in applied mathematics, engineers, teachers, graduate students and others who are interested in building mathematical models of economics, mathematical statistics, and decision making.The publication is supplemented by a chapter on fuzzy continuous linear programming.


Multidimensional Logistics Models Under Uncertainty

Seraya O.V. Multidimensional models of logistics in conditions of uncertainty: monograph. / O.V. Gray. – Kh .: FOP Stetsenko I.I., 2010 .– 512 p. The book is devoted to the study of management problems in the distributed system “production – delivery – consumption”, considered as a single logistic complex, the elements of which are connected by information, material, management flows. The problems arising in this case have characteristic features that complicate their solution. They are multidimensional and, moreover, their parameters cannot always be accurately estimated. The book examines the relevant mathematical models and proposes methods for solving problems.

The material of the book may be of interest to specialists of research organizations and industrial enterprises, teachers, graduate students, students of higher educational institutions


Fuzzy mathematics. Foundations of the theory. Applications

Raskin L.G. Fuzzy mathematics. Foundations of the theory. Applications: monograph / L.G. Raskin, O. V. Gray. – Kh .: Parus, 2008 .-352 p. The fundamentals of the theory of fuzzy sets are considered. The basic concepts of the theory, rules for performing operations on fuzzy sets, fuzzy relations, mappings of fuzzy sets, fuzzy quantities, numbers, intervals and rules for performing operations on them are presented.Particular attention is paid to applied problems of fuzzy mathematics. Fuzzy systems of linear algebraic equations, methods for solving fuzzy problems of mathematical programming (traditional and alternative approaches), elements of fuzzy probability theory and decision theory are considered. The book contains a large number of examples and solutions.For scientists, engineers, graduate students and students of the specialties “Applied Mathematics”, “Economic Cybernetics” and a wide range of specialists in the field of information and computer technologies.

Pignasty O. M. Statistical theory of production systems / O. M. Pignasty. – Kharkiv: KhNU, 2007 .– 388 p.

The modern scientific and theoretical approach to the description of production processes is stated. Using the apparatus of statistical mechanics, the article considers the functioning of the production process with serial and mass production of products. The dynamic equations of balances for the macroparameters of the production system are obtained. The stability of the macroparameters of the production process in the presence of disturbing factors of the external and internal environment has been studied in detail. The optimal function for controlling the macroparameters of the production process has been written. Mechanisms for controlling macroparameters of a production system and a method for constructing systems are proposed production management.

The book is intended for specialists of industrial enterprises, scientific

workers, teachers, graduate students, students of technical and economic specialties of universities.