Uspenskyi Valerii

  • Associate professor at Department of Automatic Control of Motion
  • Doctor of Technical Science
  • Professor

Research Mechanical Engineer in Dynamics of Flight and Control, NTU “KhPI”, Faculty of Physical Engineering (1984).

PhD student (1984-1987), Engineer (1987-1990), Research Fellow, Assistant, Lecturer (1992-1995), Dozent (Associate Professor) at Department of Control Systems and Processes (1995-2012), Doctoral student (2002-2005), Professor (2012) at Department of Automatic Control of Motion (nowadays Control Systems and Processes).

PhD in Special Systems for Information Processing and Control (1990). Scientific adviser and consultant – prof. Evgeniy Goloskokov. Doctor of Technical Science in Control Systems and Processes (2012). Dozent (Associate Professor) at Department of Automatic Control of Motion (1998).

Author of more than 100 scientific papers and conference proceedings, scientific monograph, co-author of monograph, co-owner of 2 Ukrainian patents rights and 2 Russian patents rights.

List of courses taught: “Theory of Control”, “Operations Research”, “Modern Theory of Control”, “Numerical Methods of Optimal Control”, “Navigation and Navigation Systems”.

Scientific interests: Theory of Motion Control, in particular – control of the rotation and orientation of spacecrafts, Navigation and Navigation Systems: theory, development, testing.

Main scientific achievements of prof. Uspenskyi are related to development of methods of high accuracy control of orientation of maneuverable spacecrafts using gyroscopic redundant systems; methods and algorithms for calibration and operation of the integrated inertial-satellite navigation systems for modern aircraft.


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