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On March, 18th at the Palace of Students, the First (competitive) concert titled “80, and it’s yet not a limit!”, devoted to the 80th anniversary of Physical Engineering faculty has taken its place. It was the interesting concert, in which each student could show own talents, struggle for the honorable prize-winning places and for the prize of spectator sympathies.

The performers have prepared carefully, so the presented shows were not just show-songs or show-dances, they were really theater performance. This year the actors have prepared really primely amazing suits which, by the way, were created by own affords!

The students of all years, both young and elder, have actively participated in competition.

news2 Group I-18b has prepared even two costume performances: dancing number “Doll” and is musical-dancing number; Oksana Mihajlitskaya has sung the song “Echo of Love”; Anja Miroshnichenko has actually surprised with east dance “East”; the group “Prime Time” has sung the songs “Autumn and Love” and “I Will Survive”; our favorite KVN team “Serious people” has also participated. Undergraduates also very actively participated: a newly-married couple Julia and Oleg Kozhemjakin has sung the song “The Small Prince”; the female duet of Olya and Tanya has sung the songs “The Child of Carelessness” and “Farewell”, and group I-25a has danced a new dance “Don’t stop the music”.

Our presenters were: Anna Miroshnichenko and Vitaly Pokalitsyn, who amused the audience by their dialogues and communication before each number. Generically, the concert was gained very interesting.


The jury, which consisted of both lecturers and students, has defined 3 winners on prize-winning places, and the challenger to win the Cup “The prize of spectator sympathies” has been selected by all the visitors of the concert by voting. Each spectator on the entrance to the hall has obtained the questionnaire, in which the best number in personal opinion has been marked. And the questionnaire has been passed in the end of the concert to the counting board.

According to the results of voting Cup “The prize of spectator sympathies” has been obtained by the group I-18b with the impressive musically-dancing performance.


news1But the most interesting is, as always, in future! The second ceremonial concert devoted to the anniversary of I-faculty will take place on April, 23rd. There you will actually find out the winners of the first 3 prize-winning places and also the winner of a nomination “Labor union committee prize”, which will be presented this year for the first time! For now the name of the winner is a secret. Come on April, 23rd and you will see and find out everything! There will be a rewarding of the students actively participating in public life of faculty; sportsmen; the students who have occupied places of honour on the Olympic Games.

The outstanding scientists, heads of the departments and lecturers will come to congratulate I-faculty with an anniversary.

We invite everybody to the holiday on April, 23rd!!! You will have a great fun!!!

(Mariya Ozheredova and Olga Zholos)