The department provides expert strength assesment services of various complexity

Static stress state analysis

  • Stress state analysis and long term strength assesment of structures under static loading: buildings, bridges, frame structures.
  • General strength assesment analysis of structural systems and their parts
  • Welding joints analysis
  • Strength assesment of bolts and bolted joints

Dynamic strength analysis

  • Structural analysis under dynamic loading: cars, planes, ships
  • Collision dynamics analysis, impact analysis
  • Analysis of linear dynamics
  • Harmonic response analysis

Buckling analysis

  • General buckling analysis of structures under operational loads
  • Local buckling analysis for structural elements: beams, wheels, building structural supports
  • Determination of buckling modes during linear and nonlinear loading

Modeling of plasticity and creep for high tempereture systems

  • Modeling behaviour of structural elements that observe loads above yield limit
  • Evaluation of plastic deformations
  • Modeling autofrettage
  • Modeling processes of metal sheet forming 
  • Analysis of creep and lifetime of constructions operating under high temperatures

Structural lifetime prediction and assesment

  • Lifetime assesment and strength loss with time in structures
  • Modeling low- and high cycle fatigue
  • Modeling corrosion
  • Modeling damage in materials

Vibration analysis and experiments

  • Measurement of vibrational accelerations, vibrational displacements and velocities speeds with Ultra-V-1 measuring complex in the frequency range from 0 Hz to 400 Hz
  • Experimental determination of natural frequencies and free oscillations of complex systems
  • Determination of damping parameters of materials and structures

Topology optimization

  • Functional sensitivity analysis to small changes in geometry
  • Analysis and assignment of optimal tolerances and fits
  • Analysis of the influence of manufacturing errors and minor damages in structures
  • Multicriteria topological optimization of structures with varying geometric parameters

Thermo-mechanical coupled analysis

  • Nonstationary thermal conductivity analysis
  • Nonlinear thermal conductivity analysis
  • Heat exchange analysis
  • Material’s state transition analysis

Modeling stochastic mechanical processes

Strength analysis of structures under random mechanical processes :

  • Determination of the strength of wind turbines structural elements under wind induced loads
  • Determination of seismic stability of structures in the nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and chemical plants
  • Strength assesment of bridges under the influence of random traffic fluctuations

Modal analysis

  • Determination of dynamic characteristics of mechanical systems
  • Determination of resonant frequencies of structures
  • Parametric analysis of mass-stiffness characteristics of structures based on their operating frequencies
  • Modal analysis with preload

Transient analysis

  • Analysis of structures under time dependent loads 
  • Analysis of structures under the influence of periodic loads: blades, turbines, pumps
  • Vibration analysis of turbine engines rotors 


  • Analysis of various types of motion activity and human abilities to solve complex motion tasks in extreme conditions
  • Analysis of strength of prosthesises and implants, optimization of their forms
  • Modeling behavior of body parts and determining the load on the limbs

Modeling behaviour of composites, elastomeres, bio- and smart materials

  • Determination of the strength characteristics of composites based on their microstructure and properties of the components
  • Strength analysis of structures made of composite materials: aircraft bodies, blades of wind turbines, bicycle frames, etc.
Моделювання композиційних матеріалів


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