Practice in Germany 2005

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In 2005 to year the German fund of the academic exchanges (DAAD) in the third time has supported the initiative of chair of dynamics and strength of machines NTU «KhPI» also has invited students to practice in universities of cities of Magdebourg, Hull and Dresden. According to rules DAAD the such Practice (in German it is termed Studian Reisen – the student’s exchange) can be led alternate years. Similar practice Our students transited in 2001 and 2003. To practice предшевствует submission мотивированной requests on which letters of support are applied from Three German universities. After that in DAAD can make the solution on practice financing. That fact that our students regularly Invite to practice, testifies that in Germany on advantage have estimated level of preparation of experts in NTU «KhPI» On dynamics and strength of machines and information technologies of designing. In 2005 students this level have confirmed again that was It is marked by professors of the German universities of F.Laugvitsem, H.Altenbahom, F.Ulbrihtom. Within the limits of practice it has been planned not only Carrying out of laboratory operations at universities of Magdebourg, Hull and Dresden, but also the wide cultural-fact-finding program. Students have visited With excursions at factory “Volkswagen” in Wolfsburg, in the engineering company “Femcos” at factory of the wind energetic Setting “Enacon”. In Germany our students had possibility to visit set of museums, such as the Museum of an advancement of science and technics In Magdebourg, a mathematics Museum, a mechanics Museum, National art gallery in Dresden. All who has shared in this practice for ever Will remember bicycle walk across Magdebourg, a supper with German students, steamship walk across Elba, песчаниковые Mountains «Саксонская Швейцария» and a fine townscape of Dresden.

The principal of practice Trubaev A.I.