Development of strength criteria of three-dimensionally reinforced polymeric fibrous composite materials

Goal of the project:

Development of the strength evaluation method for three-dimensional reinforced polymeric fibrous composite materials in a complex stressed state.

Development of approach for mathematical modeling of composite materials behavior for resource estimation and prediction of reliability of structural elements

Goal of the project:

Development of numerical methods for predicting reliability and analysis of structural strength of new and composite materials, as well as determination of the laws of influence of degradation processes caused by fatigue, creep, corrosion and aging of such materials, on the resource of constructional elements in the operational conditions of heavy machinery industry.

Due date: 30.09.2020.

Development of mathematical models and methods for solving nonlinear problems of dynamics and strength of constructions from homogeneous and composite materials

Goal of the project:

Formulation of theory and methods of research and analysis: processes of elasto-plastic deformation, creep and accumulation of irreversible damage with static and cyclic loading of anisotropic bodies. Development of theoretical bases and methods of analysis of the coupled processes of elasto-plastic deformation of  structural elements under interaction with electromagnetic fields. Establishing  generalizing approach to modeling of dynamic behavior of rotors of turbomachines with magnetic bearings of different types. Development of methods for calculating composite construction elements for the aerospace industry in order to increase their strength, dynamic stability and decrease their mass.

Scientific curator of the project:

D.Sci., Prof. G.I. Lvov