PASSPORT OF SPECIALITY 05.02.09 – Dynamics and strength of machines

Formula of speciality

The speciality content are examinations of dynamic processes in energetic, technological, transport and other machines, instruments and kettles, making of rated and experimental valuation methods of their constructional strength, longevity and reliability at design stages, manufacture and maintenance.

Directions of examinations

  • the Application-oriented vibration theory.
  • the Application-oriented theory of elasticity.
  • Research techniques and calculation of dynamic processes in machines, instruments and kettles.
  • the Theory and methods of protection of machines of instruments and equipment, and also the functional from shocks and vibration.
  • Constructional strength of machines, instruments and equipment at static, cyclical and dynamic loadings.
  • the Theory of mechanical reliability and longevity of machines and instruments.
  • Eksperementalnye methods and resorts of examinations of strength of machines, instruments and equipment.