Department “Electrical apparatuses”

Research areas  

Main research areas of the Department are the follows: – development of designs and components of electrical apparatuses and domestic electrical equipment on the base of electromagnetic, electric and thermal fields calculations; – designing electrical apparatuses for various branches of industry of Ukraine; – calculations and development of systems for technogenic magnetic field compensation; – development and design of protection systems for customers’ electrical circuits.

History of Department

Department for Electrical Apparatuses has been established in 1931 at the Kharkov Electrical Engineering Institute (predecessor of the National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute”). The founder, organizer and the first Head of the Department was famous expert in the field of electrical engineering prof. VASHURA Boris Fedorovich. Electrical apparatuses are widely used in power engineering, industry, transportation, civil engineering, space engineering, as well as in private life. Electrical apparatuses are devices intended for distribution of electrical energy (high voltage and law voltage switchgears), electrical circuit switching (switches, buttons, relays), control of electrical machines, equipment, domestic devices (magnetic starters, transformers, microprocessor controllers, relays), protection of personnel and electrical equipment against affection by electrical current (apparatuses of protection disconnection, fuses, circuit-breakers), parameters control in various technical objects (relays, sensors, converters), limitation of over-currents and over-voltages in electrical circuits (discharge switches).

At present

Currently, the Department conducts the training of students on three levels: Bachelor, Specialist and Master, in the area “Electromechanics”, speciality “Electrical Apparatuses”, as well as speciality “Electrical Domestic Engineering”. Annually, in the first year of day and extra-mural education four student groups are admitted. Training is conducted on the budget and contract basis. The Department is unique in the area of the training of students in low voltage electrical apparatuses in Ukraine. Training of high-skilled experts at the Department is conducted by the post-graduate (PhD) study in speciality “Electrical Machines and Apparatuses”. On the base of the Department for Electrical Apparatuses and related Departments of the NTU “KhPI”, the Specialized scientific council for the defense of Candidate and Doctor Theses in the corresponding speciality acts. During its history the Department collaborates fruitfully with leading electrical engineering enterprises of the city of Kharkov and Ukraine.

Every year the Department organizes and holds the International Symposium “PROBLEMS OF ELECTRIC POWER ENGINEERING, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND ELECTROMECHANICS” (SIEMA). For more information on the SIEMA International Symposium and terms of participation, please visit: .

The Department publishes the Ukrainian periodical scientific and technical Journal “Electrical Engineering and Electromechaniсs” and scientific Proceedings of the NTU “KhPI” which are included in the list of specialized publications of the Higher attestation commission of Ukraine.

The Department has equipment to carry out laboratory and practical lessons to study modern patterns of electrical apparatuses and domestic equipment as well as to simulate operation of these devices by using computer technologies. Having a powerful computer center, the Department prepares experts which have, in addition to thorough knowledge of Electromechanics, all-round education in the area of computer engineering and information technologies (office software, CAD systems, systems of computer algebra, programming languages, computer data communications networks). Graduating students of the Department are claimed at enterprises, design bureaus and experimental institutions of electrical engineering, power engineering, communal electrical transportation as well as at companies of Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine.

Graduating specialities

  • Electrical Apparatuses
  • Electrical Domestic Engineering