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We are glad to welcome you on the website of the Electric Power Engineering Department !!!


Today you are solving a very difficult and vitally important task: where to go to study and what profession to choose? We invite you to become partners in a very good business – to submit the original documents to the ELECTRIC POWER ENGINEERING department and become electric power engineers! And that’s why:
Firstly, correctly solving the above task, you need to choose a serious university – such as NTU “KHPI”. Our university is 132 years old and he was the first technical university in our region of Ukraine and he is not afraid of any reforms in higher education.
Secondly, it is necessary to choose a classical department – such as the ELECTRIC POWER ENGINEERING department OF NTU “KHPI”. Our department this year turned 87 years old and it was the first electric power engineering department in our region of Ukraine with a surprisingly beautiful history.
Thirdly, you need to choose a classical (eternal) profession (industry). Power engineering is one of them, I think that here long explanations are superfluous.
Fourthly, it is necessary now to imagine yourself well: where will you go to work after graduating from the university and whether your diploma is valued in the labor market? Today most of the leaders of regional and Ukrainian energy are our graduates and there is a constant real demand for our cadres. You can ask in the personnel departments of energy enterprises and organizations.
Is it easy to study with us? No, it’s not easy. But is it possible to get a good education or create something really good without suffering and not being creatively affected. Mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, computer technology and processes in energy will open to you a whole world with a good foundation and perspectives. Any masterpiece is born in agony. So create this masterpiece – be the best in our eternal and rapidly developing industry!
Maybe somewhere in another university you will be told: “Come to us. We do not need to study, but in HPI it is very difficult. ” This will only confirm our high authority.
Even if you do not get to a budget place, keep in mind that the contract we have is not a sentence and in time the one who studies will necessarily take its budget place. And payment under the contract to parents should be considered not as a financial burden, but as an investment in the future of children, because in the power industry this money very quickly returns to the family, and then multiplied. This is really so!


Specialty 141 – Electrical power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics
Specializations “Electric Stations” and “Energy Management and Energy Efficient Technologies”
Preparation is conducted by the Department of Electrical Stations, acting the head of the department is Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences Mahotilo Konstantin Vladimirovich. The graduates successfully work at many energy and industrial enterprises, in such well-known industrial design organizations and enterprises: Kharkov CHP-5, Kharkovoblenergo, Northern Energy System of Ukraine, Zmiev TPP, Kharkovenergoproekt, Ukrgidroenergoproekt, Ukrenergosetproekt, Tepsoyuz “At many power plants in Ukraine, such as Zaporizhzhya NPP and TPP, Burshtynskaya and Luganskaya TPP and many well-known industrial enterprises. Graduates successfully solve the actual problem of energy saving and increasing the energy efficiency of industrial production, in the relevant energy audit and energy audit services, in regional regional and district energy efficiency departments.
Specialization “Electrical systems and networks”
Preparation is conducted by the Department of Electric Power Transmission, the head of the department is Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Bondarenko Vladimir Omelyanovich.
Graduates work in well-known industry organizations and enterprises, in regional, city and district electric networks and systems: Kharkovoblenergo, Sumyoblenergo, Poltavaoblenergo, Luganskoblenergo, North and other power systems of NEC of Ukraine, design institutes: Kharkovenergoproekt, Ukrgidroenergoproekt, Ukrenergosetproekt and in energy departments at various industrial enterprises.
Specializations of the “Production and Distribution Management System”, “Cybersecurity Technologies in the Electric Power Industry”
Preparation is conducted by the Department of Automation of Power Systems, the head of the department is Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Oleg Gribimovich Grib.
Graduates have ample opportunities for employment, they can successfully work in any energy and industrial enterprise and now work in such organizations and enterprises: “Hartron-Inkor”, the service of RZA of Kharkovoblenergo, the Northern energy system of NEC of Ukraine, Kharkov TETS-5, Zmievska and others. TES, design institutes: Kharkovenergoproekt, Ukrgidroenergoproekt, Ukrenergosetproekt, at many power stations in Ukraine and many well-known industrial enterprises.
Specialization “Electrical Insulation, Cable and Fiber Technology”
Preparations are conducted by the Department of Electrical Insulation and Cable Technology, the head of the department is Professor Anatoly Grigorievich Gurin, Doctor of Technical Sciences.
Taking into account the fact that the department is the only one in Ukraine that prepares specialists of this direction, graduates have ample opportunities for employment in all cable plants of Ukraine and now they work at such enterprises: “Yuzhkabel” (Kharkov), “Azovkabel” (Berdyansk ), Chernigovkabel, Donbaskabel, Odesskabel, Ukrelectroremont, and many well-known energy and industrial enterprises.
 With respect to you and your choice, Dean of the Electric Power Engineering Department Professor A.P. Lazurenko


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