Leibniz ScienceCampus “Eastern Europe – Global Area” (EEGA) – Winter Term Colloquium


Leibniz ScienceCampus “Eastern Europe – Global Area” (EEGA) organises its Winter Term Colloquium for researchers, students and interested guests involved in the fields of Global, Transregional and Eastern European Studies, and  neighbouring disciplines.

The Colloquium serves as a hub and melting pot for research in Leipzig, Halle and Jena, crossing borders and strengthening the network between the various academic and research institutions in the region. In the Colloquium, researchers from EEGA’s partners, EEGA’s Research Areas and holders of the EEGA Fellowship enjoy the limelight of an expert forum to present and discuss activities, projects, and strategies.

The Colloquium incorporates events at EEGA’s partner institutions, thus offering a stage with a broader audience and building up momentum for development and outreach within an overarching framework.


Programme Winter Term 2021/22

07.10., 2.00-3.30 pmKasia Narkowicz (London) & Lela Rekhviashvili (Leipzig): Conjunctural Geographies of Postsocialist and Postcolonial Conditions: Thirty Years after 1989 (EEGA Special Event)

26.10., 6.00-7.30 pmYaman Kouli (Düsseldorf) & Uwe Müller (Leipzig): The middle income trap in Central and Eastern Europe – emergence and ways out – Book presentation (cooperation with Fraunhofer IMW)

27.10., 6.15-7.45 pmDominik Gutmeyr-Schnur (Graz): Camera Caucasica: Netzwerke fotografischer Praktiken im transimperialen Kaukasus (in German) (cooperation with Aleksander Brückner Center for Polish Studies)

03.11., 7.00-8.30 pmJan Zofka (Leipzig): Sozialistische Industrialisierung transnational. Technologietransfer zwischen Osteuropa und China in den 1950er Jahren (in German) (cooperation with Leipzig University)

09.11., 11:30 amMarkus Nesselrodt (Frankfurt/Oder): Lunchtalk: Dem Holocaust entkommen. Polnische Juden in der Sowjetunion 1939-1946 (in German) (cooperation with Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture – Simon Dubnow)

11.11., 2.00-3.30 pmAnna Hajdu (Halle): Imprints of an insecure institutional environment on perceptions of social responsibility of large farms in Romania

18.11., 3.00-5.00 pmKatja Castryck-Naumann (Leipzig) & Immanuel Harisch (Vienna): Round Table Discussion: Navigating Eastern Europe’s Transregional Histories (EEGA Special Event)

24.11., 6.15-7.45 pmAriko Kato (Nagoya): Aesthetics and Orientalismin Color Photographs by Nazi Germans in Occupied Poland and Ukraine (cooperation with Aleksander Brückner Center for Polish Studies)

07.12., 3.30-5.00 pmAgnieszka Pasieka (Vienna): Claiming the Heritage: Solidarity Movement, Far-Right Youth and Illiberal Socialism in Contemporary Poland (cooperation with Aleksander Brückner Center for Polish Studies)

08.12., 6.15-7.45 pmMaria Rohde (Göttingen): Die polnische Anthropologie in Kontexten von „Fremdherrschaft“, Nationalstaat und Sozialismus: Kontinuitäten und Brüch (in German) (cooperation with Aleksander Brückner Center for Polish Studies)

12.01., 7.00-8.30 pm Hans-Christian Petersen (Oldenburg): Russlanddeutsche zwischen „Volksgruppen“-Paradigma und transnationaler/ globaler Migration (in German) (cooperation with Leipzig University)

19.01., 7.00-8.30 pmElisa Satjukow (Leipzig): Leipzig und der Anfang vom Ende einer Geschichte Osteuropas (in German) (cooperation with Leipzig University)

25.01., 3.30-5.00 pmIwona Dadej (Berlin): Frauenbewegung in Polen um 1900: lokal, transimperial und transnational (in German) (cooperation with Aleksander Brückner Center for Polish Studies)

26.01., 7.00-8.30 pmTomislava A. Kosić, MA (Zurich): Emotionsgeschichte jugoslawischer Arbeiterinnen und Arbeiter in der Schweiz (1960-heute) (Junge DGO) 1990 (cooperation with Leipzig University)

27.01., 2.00-3.30 pmStefan Keym (Leipzig) & Anna Fortunova (Leipzig): Eastern European Emigrants and the Internationalisation of 20thCentury Music Concepts – Book presentation (EEGA Special Event)

02.02., 7.00-8.30 pmAbigail Jacobson (Jerusalem): Citizenship and Loyalty in Times of War: the Ottomanization Movement in Palestine durig World War I (cooperation with Leipzig University)

08.02., 3.30-5.00 pmPiotr Filipkowski (Berlin) & Paulina Gulińska-Jurgiel (Halle): Historisierung der polnischen Transformation 1989: Multiple Zugänge (in German) (cooperation with Aleksander Brückner Center for Polish Studies)

09.02., 6.15-7.45 pmJulia Malitska (Stockholm): “…There is No Salvation Outside Our Church”: All-Russian Vegetarian Congress and the Making of the Vegetarian Movement in the Early 20th-century Russian Empire (cooperation with Aleksander Brückner Center for Polish Studies)

24.02., 2.00-3.30 pmBettina Bruns (Leipzig): Local patriotism for national sovereignty? (Para)military security productions in Poland (EEGA Special Event)


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