Competition to support international hydrogen projects


The competition provides support for international projects for the construction of plants for the production of green hydrogen and its derivatives, as well as for storage, transportation and integrated use of hydrogen and related research projects in accordance with the National Hydrogen Strategy. This directive creates a new basis for the timely financing of the above-mentioned projects in countries outside the European Union and the countries of the European Free Trade Association.

The program supports the construction of industrial production facilities, pilot and demonstration projects, accompanying research projects and accompanying or preparatory research and research. Through these support options, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) take into account the different funding needs of relevant institutions and implement the time-tested division of labor under the 7th Energy Research Program (EFP).

The grants awarded under this competition are intended to effectively support the necessary growth of the market for green hydrogen and its derivatives, accelerate the creation of an international market for these products and thus contribute to the achievement of climate protection and economic strengthening. The program should promote trade relations with potential exporters of green hydrogen and its derivatives.

The program has four main goals:
· Timely and targeted development of the global green hydrogen market and, as a result, lower prices through scaling and innovation
· Promoting the use and application of hydrogen technology by companies with a branch or operating base in Germany along the hydrogen value chain
· Preparation of import infrastructure to Germany
· Capacity building throughout the value chain, both in terms of academic and professional training. This strengthens capacity and builds bridges for sustainable cooperation.

The program, which consists of two modules, will support international, interdisciplinary and innovative projects.

Deadline for submission: February 28, 2022


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