Development of navigation, control, and monitoring systems


Development of methods, algorithms, and attitude control systems of artificial earth satellites

The attitude control system of the artificial Earth satellite incorporates measuring instruments and actuators of various types. For such systems, there is the experience of development:

  • high-precision algorithms of orientation determination by the use of the measurements of gyroscopes; the technique of their efficiency assessment;
  • calculation of the optimal configuration of the quantitatively redundant system of actuators: gyrodynes, inertial flywheels;
  • onboard algorithms of high-precision control of the artificial satellite reorientation for remote sensing of Earth with randomly specified boundary conditions and essential elastic structural elements ;
  • algorithms of rational control of the redundant systems of gyrodynes or inertial flywheels;
  • optimal unloading of the gyrodyne system or inertial flywheels with the help of gas-reactive engines;
  • fault tolerance of the satellite control system in emergency situations;
  • modeling of thermal processes in the satellite and its onboard subsystems at orbital motion around Earth.

Novelty and benefits. The methods and algorithms were used both for control of Soviet and Ukrainian Earth satellites during last forty years and for modern systems.

Outlook and perspectives. Development of new and adaptation of existing methods and algorithms for control systems of different spacecrafts.


Smart Quadcopter: Hybrid Drone for automatic monitoring, delivery of freights and safety control and security of technical objects

“Hybrid drone” with unique “brains” navigation system is able to fly during a relatively long period of time (about 60-90 min) shipping the freight over 6 kg and due to “brains” of navigation system all proceed in an autonomous mode according to a predetermined route and program of tasks. The problems our drone solves are mainly associated with agriculture: monitoring and aerial survey of forest plantations and farmland, chemical and biological treatment of agricultural land, protection, and monitoring of fisheries waters. In the future, it can be used in other areas, such as safety and security, search and rescue, monitoring systems, etc.

Novelty and benefits
1. Payload is up to 6 kg;
2. Flight duration is up to 1.5 hours;
3. An error of coordinates determination when piloting in the presence of GNSS signals is not more than 5 m, and in the absence of GNSS signals is not more than 150 m in the first 20 minutes of flight;
4. The full functionality of the navigation system is restored in the case of GNSS signals restoring within 3 minutes.

Outlook and perspectives. Realization of our idea requires financing of a tenancy and the test platform, transportation of the quadcopter on the platform and back. Marketing services (marketing investigations, search of the companies consumers) and developing of the website with the description of the product for selling, the list of services, the advertising budget, and advance of the website on the EU space.


Robust control of the UAV with mini autopilot

The roll channel nominal model and its uncertainties for the flight-wing UAV were found from several closed-loop flight-test data and then, a priori initial theoretical model and bounds of uncertainties were corrected and modified. Then robust control system for the roll channel was designed to increase the quality and robustness of the flight system during the system integration in the presence of uncertainties, disturbances, noise and actuator position, and rate limits. It was shown that the designed robust control system can guarantee better quality for the UAV uncertain model than the PID controller in the presence of aileron angle and rate limits. Control system design is a compromise between contradictory requirements.



Oleksiy Larin – Director of Institute Of Education and Science In Engineering and PhysicsProfessor, Doctor of Technical Sciences:

Olena Slipchenko – Director of European Educational Scientific Technological Center – Ph.D. in technical sciences, Senior Researcher: