Physics of thin films and physical science

Research focuses on the study of the physical properties, mechanisms of formation of film and other nanoscale objects, phase transformations in condensed systems, the behavior of materials in the extreme conditions of space, nuclear and thermonuclear reactors; development of physical bases of technologies of new materials with unique properties (nanocrystalline objects, films and film compositions, fullerenes, ceramics, biomaterials, quasicrystals, artificial diamonds, superhard materials, etc.); research of film nanoscale layers and layered heterosystems on the basis of semiconductor compositions, which ensure the operation of modern products of electronic equipment and solar energy; electron microscopy, study of structural defects and physical properties of thin films, thermoelectric materials science.


Oleksiy Larin – Director of Institute Of Education and Science In Engineering and PhysicsProfessor, Doctor of Technical Sciences:

Olena Slipchenko – Director of European Educational Scientific Technological Center – Ph.D. in technical sciences, Senior Researcher: