Department of Applied Electrical Engineering


Kostyantyn Korytchenko – Head of the department – Doctor of Sciences: 

Olena Slipchenko – Director of European Educational Scientific Technological Center – Ph.D. in technical sciences, Senior Researcher:



Problem statement

      Feeding of spark-ignition engines by a lean fuel mixture can improve an ecological performance of the engines. But the minimum ignition energy increases if the fuel mixture is lean. The increased spark energy is required when an ignition happens in two-phase flow of liquid and gas or flow rate of the mixture is high. When transient conditions in SI engine occurs, a mixture quality reduces. It requires the increased spark energy too.
     Increased spark energy causes a growth in an electrical erosion of electrodes. Thus, the spark energy should be reduced as much as possible.
     Intensive mixture flow rate can interrupt the spark discharge. The interruption reduces energy deposited in a mixture by spark discharge. It reduces the probability of spark ignition. Thus, the self-stabilized spark discharge should be applied.

Our solution
     A high-energy spark ignition system with self-stabilized spark discharge and regulated spark energy is designed.
     Specifications of the high-energy spark ignition system presented in table 1.

Table 1. Specifications of the high-energy spark ignition system

Parameter Value
Еnergy of a spark discharge, J 0.02 – 1
Amplitude of current, A 50-100
Discharge time, ms 0.01-1
Diameter of the spark channel, mm 0.1-3
Frequency of discharges, Hz 10-200
Amplitude of high-voltage pulse, kV 30-40

A view of the high-energy spark ignition system is presented in fig. 1.

Fig. 1. – A view of the high-energy spark ignition system


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