History of the department

Regarding the production of synthetic fatty acids and detergents, research work was carried out in several areas, namely: improving production technology, synthesis of new detergents and surfactants (surfactants) to study the properties of new surfactants in terms of their application in certain industries. Its performers were Z.I. Buchstab, M.P. Bespyatov, V.N. Kovalev, L.V. Gasyuk, E.P. Yushchenko, V.A. Yushchenko, F.F. Gladky and others.

Significant work to improve the technology of production of synthetic fatty acids was carried out by Assoc. A.N. Bedside. Interesting work has been done on the synthesis of cationic surfactants, higher amines and Quaternary ammonium salts. The results of the study are the basis for the design of an industrial plant for the production of cationic surfactants, which was built in the late 70’s at the Volgodonsk Chemical Plant. Since 1967, Associate Professor V.E. Ovcharenko developed research work on oil extraction (associate professors A.V. Nechaeva, V.I. Babenko).

They are related to the improvement of production technology and techniques. Reconstruction of the extractor according to one of its copyright certificates for inventions provided an increase in the productivity of oil extraction plants by 20-25%, which saved the industry more than 200 million rubles. capital investment. For this work the author was awarded the gold medal of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements. Prof. B.N. Tyutyunnikov and Assoc. І.В. Bogdan, together with the Department of Foundry Production, developed a method of liquefaction of liquid molding mixtures, which is implemented at many enterprises of the Soviet Union. The economic effect amounted to 6 million rubles.

In cooperation with the Institute of General and Emergency Surgery and the Institute of Chemical Pharmacy, the issue of obtaining fat emulsions for feeding patients in the postoperative period has been resolved. Together with the Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology. E. Sitenko worked to obtain an analogue of sea buckthorn oil (I.V. Bogdan, A.K. Simonyan, L.A. Chernenko, L.V. Krychkovskaya), and with the Moscow Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion – to create fluorocarbon emulsions for intravenous infusion (Assoc. Prof. I.V. Bogdan, V.K. Timchenko, A.V. Popsuyshapka).

Scientific researches in the field of chemistry and technology of application of lubricating – cooling technological means (SOTZ) for processing of metals developed. New SOTZ were developed for automobile, radio-electronic and other industries in cooperation with VNDiPknaftohim, institute of superhard materials of the USSR Academy of Sciences, VNIIMET, the Kharkiv bearing plant.

In this direction together with the producers worked B.N. Tyutyunnikov, F.F. Gladky, M.M. Vinogradniy, L.V. Gasiuk, О.P. Chumak, Ye.A. Gluschenko, S.S. Zilina, V.Yu. Logachov, N.D. Konev. Together with VNDIPknaftohim and Berdyansk experimental oil and butter refinery conducted (F.F. Gladky, M.M. Vinogradny, O.P. Chumak, L.V. Gasyuk, V.Y. Logachev, E.A. Glushchenko, S.S. Zhilina etc.) research and research and technological work on the creation of synthetic lubricants and coolants (MOTZ) for machining materials. A method and technology for obtaining water-soluble concentrate MOTZ (technological lubricant “Hydropol – I”), based on derivatives of polyfunctional oxygen-containing compounds. Industrial production of Hydropol-I concentrate is organized at the Berdyansk Experimental Oil and Oil Refinery. (under the scientific guidance of F.F. Gladky). In 1985 “Hydropol – I” was certified by the highest quality category.

In 1984, at 8 oil refineries (Kharkiv), polishing and finishing pastes based on “Hydropol – I” were introduced at the finishing operations of manufacturing bearing balls. Their use allowed to reduce by 12 – 15% the complexity of processing balls, increase the accuracy of their geometric shape; to exclude combustible and lubricating materials (diesel fuel and mineral oils), oleic acid made from edible vegetable fats from the composition of finishing pastes and washing liquids, to improve sanitary and hygienic working conditions.

In 1985, Hydropol – I concentrate was introduced at the electronics industry of the Soviet Union as a component of lubricating – cooling liquid (MPE) for cutting dielectric materials. The use of the new MPA has increased processing productivity and reduced the cost of expensive material. The economic effect of the introduction of synthetic MOTZ on the basis of “Hydropol-I” was in 1984 – 1985. – 200 thousand rubles.

In 1987, new MPAs were introduced at the twentieth branch (Kursk), the fourth branch (Kuibyshev), the eighteenth branch (Vinnytsia). In the future, new adsorption-active additives were created – the basic components of coolant – Amirol and Esteral. Their implementation at Soyuzpidshipnyk IDPs saved about 1 million rubles. for a year. Synthetic MOTZ on the basis of concentrate “Hydropol – I” were exhibited at VDNH SRSR, thematic exhibition “Avtoprom 84”, anniversary exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of KhPI at the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements. Authors of developments B.N. Tyutyunnikov, F.F. Gladky, M.M. Vinogradniy and others. awarded a diploma of honor, silver and bronze medals. The technology of obtaining a drug similar in specific action to natural sea buckthorn oil, the shortage of which was acutely felt in the country. The drug called “AEKOL” was developed under the direction of BN Tyutyunnikov in 1980 – 1985 experimental testing of the drug was conducted by the Kharkiv Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology.

In 1985, the drug was certified for medical use and industrial production. Its release in the amount of 400 thousand vials (40 tons) was carried out in the second quarter of 1988 at the pharmaceutical company “Red Star” (Kharkov). The release of AEKOL not only replenished the arsenal of new drugs, but significantly reduced the shortage of sea buckthorn oil. With the release of 40 tons of the drug, the economic effect amounted to more than 300 thousand rubles.

From 1950 to 1985, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department received 62 copyright certificates and published more than 400 articles in leading scientific journals of the Soviet Union and abroad. Since the early 80’s of last century, the case of Professor B.N. Toyutyunnikov was continued by Professor F.F. Gladky, who headed the Department of Fat Technology in 1979. On his initiative, further development of research in the field of fat processing, synthesis and use of surfactants and the composition of lubricants, coolants and detergents, resumed research and development of new technologies for enzymatic modification of fats, Work has begun on the use of ethyl alcohol in fat technology, including for oil extraction, purification, biofuel synthesis, and others.

A set of studies on the extraction of sunflower oil, which provides a high quality protein product. In the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, these areas have become a priority in the scientific activities of the Department of Fat Technology. A set of works was performed (Prof. I.M. Demidov, O.M. Piven, I.M. Konopatska, I.I. Ebralidze, N.O. Hrytska, O.M. Kryvolapov, G.K. Sheiko, O.V.Zenkina, A.A. Drozdov, A.O. Demidova, V.A. Gusak, G.I. Zlatkina), devoted to the problem of stabilization of foods containing fats. Invented a technology that provides purification of vegetable oils from peroxide compounds, secondary oxidation products, developed recipes and scientific and technical documentation that provides the organization of industrial production of oils with aromatic food additives.

Research and development of new technologies for processing phospholipids, as well as transesterification of fats to obtain valuable food and technical purposes. The technology of stabilization of beer components by use of antioxidants extracted from vegetable raw materials (Prof. LA Danilova, TO Berezka) is developed. The expected result is an increase in the quality of beer, its competitiveness, and savings in hops.

The possibility of stabilization of biotechnological carotene on various fat bases, including on non-traditional oils is proved (L.V. Krychkovska, Ph.D., T.I. Zekunova, A.P. Belinska, E.M. Miroshnyk). A group of antioxidants for such purposes has been scientifically substantiated. Completed (Prof. A.P. Melnyk, T.V. Matveeva, S.O. Kramarev, V.Y. Papchenko, S.G. Malik, O.I. Ilyinska, K.M. Dikhtenko, O.A. Zhugan, O.M. Getmantsev) research on obtaining surfactants from domestic oil and fat for gas condensate and oil fields.

Compositions have been developed, in particular detergents, reagents for protection of metals from corrosion, stimulation of oil and gas production processes. Developed (Prof. F.F. Gladky, M.M. Vinogradny, etc.) and successfully tested at the Izium optical – mechanical plant lubricating and cooling fluid for polishing optical glass. Scientists of the Department of Fat Technology (O.P. Chumak, K.V. Markov) together with researchers of the Department of Internal Combustion Engines (Minak AF) Ivashkivsky distillery created a pilot plant and developed a technology for the synthesis of ethyl esters of fatty acids – alternative diesel fuel. At the request of Ukroliyazhirprom, (O.P. Chumak) toilet soap formulas have been developed that take into account the state of the international fat market. Transformations of substances accompanying fats, in particular phospholipids, under the influence of lipolytic enzymes (O.Y. Bogodist-Timofeeva, O.P. Chumak, L.V. Gasyuk) were studied.

From researches in the field of extraction of fats it is necessary to name development of new technology of shredding of sunflower seeds (prof. M.P. Ikhno, N.D. Konev, V.V. Levchenko, L.I. Perevalov, A.V. Popsuyshapka), receiving high-purity kernels and its degreasing, creation of technology of new food products on the basis of a kernel of sunflower – the substitute of animal proteins. Formulations and technology of food production on the basis of sunflower kernel – mayonnaise, sunflower paste, bread, noodles, food concentrates are developed. Such products are not inferior in composition, energy value and organoleptic characteristics to similar products made from milk, meat and eggs.

Vegetable proteins of sunflower are 7.5 times cheaper than proteins of beef, 4.5 times cheaper than pork, and 2.5 times cheaper than chicken. The implementation of these developments will help solve an important state problem – the enrichment of the diet of the population of Ukraine with high quality proteins to the consumer norm (Prof. M.P. Ikhno, N.D. Konev, V.V. Levchenko, O.V. Levchenko, A.A. Kotelevskaya, O.A. Litvinenko, I. Kvashenko).

Promising, from the point of view of liberation of Ukraine from import of special fats, is development of enzyme technology of transesterification of fats and its introduction at the domestic enterprises. In this direction, scientists and researchers of the Department of Fat Technology (Prof. O.P. Chumak, Assoc. Prof. P.O. Nekrasov, L.V. Gasyuk, etc.) have been cooperating for several years with a leading manufacturer of enzymes – “Novozaims” (Denmark). ) and with its representative in Ukraine, the company “Novokontakt”.

The use of enzyme technologies allows not only to reduce energy and material costs, but also to obtain high-quality organic food. Thanks to the research of the department and cooperation with enterprises, Ukraine has become the sixth country in the world to use enzymatic technologies to modify fats (Oil and Fat Factory, Vinnytsia, “Creative”, Kirovograd). Modern research at the Department of Fat Technology is carried out under the general scientific guidance of prof. F.F. Smooth. The topics of research work are as follows:

  • technology of purification of fats from concomitant substances (the problem of reduction of energy consumption and waste at refining of fats is solved);
  • new technology of sunflower seed shearing, production of food meal and its use as a substitute for animal proteins (will help solve the problem of rational nutrition of the population of Ukraine, namely to eliminate protein deficiency);
  • the use of ethyl alcohol as a solvent in the technology of oil extraction;
  • enzyme technologies of fat modification (will significantly reduce energy consumption and waste in the processing of fats, produce fats with certain properties, free Ukraine from the import of confectionery fats);
  • technology of functional fatty products (products are created that do not contribute to the resynthesis of fat in the human body and largely solve the problem of losing weight);
  • technology of ethyl esters of fatty acids as diesel fuel (the problem of creation of diesel fuel on the basis of renewable raw materials and use of ethyl alcohol under the State program “Ethanol” is solved);
  • research of biologically active compounds and development on their basis of new products with therapeutic and prophylactic properties; antioxidants from vegetable raw materials in beer technology with increased physiological value;
  • functional foods based on germinated cereal grains;
  • surfactants and other substances based on renewable raw materials (fats) and their use in food and others. industries; reducing the oxidation of oils and fats, extending their shelf life, as well as ensuring the ecological purity of fat-containing products.

Throughout the history of the Polytechnic Institute (University), the teaching of special disciplines has been based on the achievements of science. Therefore, the management of the institute at (university), including heads of departments, leading professors paid great attention to basic and applied research.

Scientific school, the main purpose of which was research in the field of chemistry and technology of fats was founded by Alexander Pavlovich Lidov, head of the Department of Organic and Dye Substances (1853-1919). A bright representative of this scientific school was a student OP Lidova Professor Sergei Fokin (1865-1917). In the 1920s, the Kharkiv Scientific School of Fat Chemists was headed by an outstanding scientist and teacher, a student of Professor OP Lidova Boris Nikanorovich Tyutyunnikov (1895-1985). The scientific school from the beginning of its foundation consisted of well-known scientists, industry specialists.

They are the basis of research and teaching staff of the Department of Fat Technology NTU “KhPI”, Ukrainian Research Institute of Oils and Fats (Kharkov), Research and Design Institute of Chemical Industry (VNDIHimproekt Kyiv), Research Institute surfactants (VNDIPAR, Russia). Among them: P.V. Naumenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Laureate of the USSR State Prize, Minister of Food Industry of the USSR, S.D. Kopylenko, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, employees of KhPI, doctors of sciences M.P. Bespyatov, F.F. Gladky, А.P. Melnik, М.P. Іhno, І.М. Demidov, as well as O.A. Perchenko, А.С. Drozdov; Candidates of Sciences: Z.I. Buchstab, I.V. Bogdan, L.P. Grechishnikova, О.М. Postolny, B.C. Ovcharenko, M.K. Yakubov, А.В. Nechaeva, L.I. Perevalov, O.P. Chumak, Z.M. Tovstolug, V.K. Timchenko, L.A. Danilova, as well as O.I. Kudriashov, B.P. Kotelnikov, V.M. Kovalev, В.О. Yushchenko, V.I. and L.I. Bavika, O.S. Basov, А.С. Savus, O.M. Karnaukh, O.O. Lesius and others. Specialists of the scientific school took part in the development of science and technology of other countries by training scientific personnel for Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Germany, Syria, China.

At the Department of Fat Technology, representatives of these countries did internships, performed research work, including dissertations. From the very beginning, for professors-chemists of KhPTI (KhTI), NTU “KhPI” of the Department of Fat Technology, research work was the main improvement of the educational process by using the results of scientific research in the teaching of special disciplines.

This is fully inherent in OP Lidov, S.O. Fokin, B.N. Tyutyunnikov, their follower, which played a significant role in providing training for engineers of high professional level for domestic industry. The literature published by them – monographs, textbooks, lecture courses gave students the opportunity to perform meaningful research work, including commissioned by enterprises, to defend real diploma projects. Specialists of the scientific school have published 40 textbooks and manuals, published several thousand scientific papers, received hundreds of patents, copyright certificates and inventions.

Specialists of the scientific school of fat technology take an active part in scientific conferences, symposia, exhibitions, including international ones. Every year the Department of Fat Technology is one of the organizers of the international scientific-practical conference “Chemistry and Technology of Fats”. In September 2009, in Alushta (Crimea), such a conference was attended by experts from Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Syria.

The conference was attended by more than 100 scientists and industry professionals, leading scientists in the field. Developments related to new technologies and equipment are systematically demonstrated at regional and national exhibitions and are awarded at exhibitions. The invention of prof. M.P. Their – centered seedling – took 1st place in the competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2005).

Scientific school headed by B.N. Tyutyunnikov laid the groundwork for the development of a new industry in the USSR, namely synthetic fatty acids, higher fatty alcohols and synthetic detergents. At the initiative of the leader of the scientific school prof. B.N. Tyutyunnikov, with the support of the Ministry of Food Industry and the Ministry of Petrochemical Industry of the USSR at the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute in 1949 began training engineers for enterprises and research institutions of the new industry.

At the beginning of the 21st century (2004), in connection with the needs of industry, the training of engineers in the specialty “Technology of fermentation and winemaking” was resumed. In 2010, the Department of Fat Technology turns 80 years old.

During these years, about 4,000 graduates received diplomas of engineers, technologists, specialists in the field of chemistry and fat technology. Currently, the Department of Fat Technology of NTU “KhPI” and the Ukrainian Research Institute of Oils and Fats (Kharkov) of the Ukrainian Agrarian Academy of Sciences is a recognized research center in the country on chemistry and technology of fats, which guarantees future compliance with the level of training time.