Department of technologies of oil, gas and solid fuel processing invites for studying on bachelors and masters program and graduating from the specialty 161 “Chemical technologies and engineering“, specialization “Technologies of oil, gas and solid fuel processing. We propose you  following training programs:

  • Methods of analysis of petroleum products.Determination of the following characteristics for petroleum and petroleum


  • density (methods ASTM D-1298,IP 160 and ASTM D-1250, IP 200)
  • viscosity
  • water content,
  • octane rating for gasoline and cetane rating for diesel fuels,
  • flash point,
  • sulphur and sulphur-containing particles amount
  • for solid fuel (coal and coke): water content, ash content, volatile organic compound content, plastometry, caking quality etc.

Coke industry
Coal gasification with further producing of syngas – a special mixture that is madeup of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The example of its applying may be electricity generation, in gas engines as a renewable fuel.
Producing of alternative fuel includes producing of biodiesel, bioalcohol (methanol, ethanol, butanol), hydrogen, non-fossil methane, non-fossil natural gas,propane and other biomass sources.
Environmental protection, sewage treatment
Refining of different kinds of petroleum and coke waste including sulphur dioxide emissions, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide.
Automotive oil recycling includes recycling of waste motor, hydraulic oil.