Welcome to the website of the department
“Oil, gas and solid fuel refining technologies”!

The department trains bachelors, masters and PhDs

under the educational program “Technology of oil, gas and solid fuel refining”,
specialty 161 – “Chemical technology and engineering”

Training is carried out in the following main areas:
– Oil refining to obtain a wide range of commercial petroleum products;
– Design of equipment for oil, coal and gas condensate refining processes;
– Methods for assessing the quality of oil, petroleum products (gasoline, diesel fuel), coal and gas;
– Production of alternative fuels;
– Refining of oil sludge;
– Production of all types of oils and motor oils, additives;
– Production of synthesis gas;
– Coking, gasification of coal;
– Production of graphite materials;
– Wastewater treatment and disinfection.