For Authors

The text of article is typed in the editor Word, version (at least 2003) and presented in an electronic version to the email:
All pages should be maximally filled. The last page should be filled to not less than 75 percent of its size.
The paper size – A4. Sexual orientation – book. The font «Times New Roman».
The size:
in the main text – 10;
in the figure captions, table titles, in the tables and lettering of pictures – 9;
in data on the owner (owners), annotations, bibliographic descriptions and the reference list – 8.
The main text, list of references, made out in two equal width columns with distance between them equal 0.5 sm.
UDC, authors, article title, abstract, information about property rights, abstracts, information about authors write in one column.
Making paragraphs:
the alignment – In the width;
first line indent – 0.75 sm;
interval – single;
there must not be hanging strings
Do not use numbered lists. Replace them with numbering of paragraphs.
top margin – 2.6 cm;
bottom margin – 1.7 cm;
middle – 2.2 cm;
outside – 1.7 cm;
binding – 0 cm.
The distance from the edge to the page header – 1.6 cm to the footer – 1.6 cm.
On a separate page with the same fields the title of the article and abstracts in Ukrainian and Russian: 6-8 rows; in English: 10-12 rows (10 font “Times New Roman”).
The article can be represented in Ukrainian, Russian or English. The number of pages to 10.
Figures – black-and-white (300dpi).
Formulas done only formula editor Microsoft Equation.
Information about the authors included: surname, first name of each author, place of employment, academic degree, title, company name, e-mail and phone.
The articles are reviewed.