Scientific Work

 Continuing the work in the field of hydraulic turbines started by academician G.F. Proskura the research team of department of “Hydraulic Machines” conducts research in the following areas, in which both Masters and PhD students are trained:

 Hydropower turbines’ flow parts’ design for hydropower engineering with high energy and cavitation rates;

 Mathematical modeling and optimization of the turbines’ operation;

 Mathematical modeling and study of the turbulent flow in high-pressure turbines’ intervane channels;

 Mathematical modeling and investigation of flow nonstationarity in hydraulic turbines;

 Mathematical modeling, dynamics and optimization of hydraulic systems;

 Hydropneumoautomation systems research.

At the Department of “Hydraulic machines” a fundamental research topic “Developments of theoretical bases of the synthesis hydraulic machines, including water turbines and other technological automation objects” is developed and several economic contracts are carried on.

       Over many years, the Department conducted more than 200 researches with great technical and economic benefit to the industry. Department’s developments are implemented on factories of Ukraine, Russia and European countries, Latin America, India, etc.

       The department of “Hydraulic Machines” of National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” began publishing a Bulletin of the National Technical University «KhPI». SERIES: Hydraulic machines and hydraulic units ISSN 2411-3111(Print); ISSN 2523-4471(Online) from 2015.

      The subjects:

  Research in the field of blade machines, research in the field of regulatory systems of hydraulic turbines;

 Structural synthesis and analysis of schemes hydropneumatic automation and hydraulic drives, dynamic synthesis and analysis of hydro pneumatic drives;

 Research of working processes in blade hydraulic machines of gas and oil industries, research working processes in volume hydraulic machines of gas oil industries.

Bulletin of the National Technical University “KhPI” included in the “the List of scientific of professional publications Ukraine in which can be published results of dissertations for the degree of Doctor and Ph”, approved by the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine from May 26, 2010, number 1 – 05 / 4 (Bulletin of HAC of Ukraine, № 6, 2010, p. 3, number 20)

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