Specialization “Hydraulic equipment of Oil and Gas Industry”

Due to the unique advantages of hydraulic machines, hydraulic drives and hydropneumatic automation, it is now difficult to name a technical field where hydropneumatic automation and hydraulic drive are not used. About 80% of existing automatic manipulators and industrial robots are equipped with hydraulic and pneumatic drives. The specialty is promising and in demand at enterprises of almost all industries and transport, where hydropneumatic units are designed, manufactured, researched or operated. Graduates of this specialty (both citizens of Ukraine and foreign countries) successfully work at enterprises in Western Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia, and Africa.
On specialty “Hydraulic machines and hydropneumatic units” in NTU “KhPI” the special council for the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations D 64.050.11 (the only doctoral special council in Ukraine in this direction) is successfully working. Many masters and graduate students of the department successfully work on dissertations, developing modern hydraulic equipment that meets international requirements, participate in scientific contractual work with enterprises in Ukraine, India etc.