Specialization “Machines and mechanisms of oil and gas field”

As known that the equipment of oil and gas fields is divided into mechanical, electrical and hydraulic, with hydraulic equipment accounting for about 60% of all equipment in the field. The department trains highly qualified specialists mainly in hydraulic equipment, able to create and operate modern hydraulic equipment for exploration, drilling, oil and gas production, its transportation and storage.
In recent years, many new gas and oil fields have been discovered in Ukraine, namely: Krasnogradskoye and Kobzevskoye – in the Kharkov region; Olshansky and Serednyakovsky – in Poltava; Kruzhilivskoe and Markovskoye – in Lugansk; Vereshchitsky, Orkhovitsky and Rubanovsky – in Lviv; Lyubeshivske and Severo-Bogorodchanskoe – in the Carpathian region; Ulyanovsk in the Dnipropetrovsk region; North-Kazantip – on the shelf of the Ukrainian part of the Sea of ​​Azov and Bezymyannoye – on the north-western shelf of the Black Sea.
In the Kharkov region, the gas field – Kobzevskoye – according to preliminary data, has a gas reserve of more than 71 billion cubic meters. m
These data indicate that a large amount of work is planned in the oil and gas industry, and for its implementation it is necessary to conduct training of relevant specialists. The National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute” has the corresponding scientific and technical potential and laboratory and production base for the training of specialists. It should be added that in Kharkov there are giants of this industry: UkrNIIIGaz, NIPIASU Transgaz, UMG Hartransgaz, NIPIASU production, KhEMZ-IPEC and others who need specialists in this field.