Welcome to the site of the department of “Hydraulic Machines”

Department trains highly qualified professionals, who are able to:
  • successfully solve tasks of hydropower, oil and gas production, hydropneumoautomation industries;
  • design and create hydropower equipment for hydro power plants of any power, specialized equipment for drilling, production and transportation of oil and gas, systems of hydropneumoautomation and hydropneumaticunits;
  • perform at a high level scientific research related to the problems of the industry.
  • distance learning

A wide range and fundamentality of knowledge, which our graduates get, help them work in such fields as: energy, defense, aerospace and transportation, medical, engineering, chemical and other industries.
Training of specialists is supervised by experienced teachers of the department and besides, leading experts of “Turboatom”, IPMash NAS, etc. are also involved in the studying process

Department of “Hydraulic Machines” offers its cooperation on hydropower, hydropneumoautomation, oil and gas production issues to factories, organizations and companies.