Department of ChTPE attaches great importance to the integration of training of specialists with science and production. Active participation in the learning process of taking the research staff of the Department, who transfer to students the skills of research work. Installation of NIR are used for carrying out laboratory works by students. So, the laboratory work of corrosion and biotechnology, is closely related to the results of research and development. Research actively involved the students. In the branches of the Department, for example, in UkrNIIHimMash students work on research stands, together with specialists from research, the majority of which are graduates of the same Department. This allows for continuity and transfer of experience, creation of scientific school.

There are branches of the Department in UkrNIIHimMash, research center, “Lightning”, in the engineering center. The material base of the branches has a unique equipment which allows to connect the physical and mathematical modeling of chemical processes that are necessary for creating the newest food, chemical, and environmental equipment. That is, students gain experience in the creation of promising developments. The Department is composed of branches in UkrNIIHimMash, as well as a number of agreements on scientific and creative cooperation with scientific research institutions and enterprises of food, chemical, petrochemical industry.

Supported by strong research links with academic and industry research organizations such as the Institute for mechanical engineering problems of NAS of Ukraine, NIOCHIM, UkrNIIHimMash, Institute of macromolecular chemistry of the NAS of Ukraine in the form of General contractual work, publications, participation in conferences and seminars. Experts of the Department regularly participate in international conferences and symposia.

International relations of the Department are characterized by the first contracts to conduct research with Russia, training specialists from abroad. These relationships have a great influence on the quality of training. Scientific achievements of the Department have received recognition of domestic and foreign experts. Results of researches are regularly published, are protected by patents of Ukraine and other countries. The development of the Department find a wide practical implementation

Since the organization of the Department faculty, research staff, graduate students with participation of students, actively carry out scientific work.

The most significant areas of research until 1986:

– development processes gidrirovanny brown coal;

– production of high-octane gasoline from gas condensate;

– the intensification of the processes of large grinding;

– development of theoretical bases and technology for synthesis of methanol;

– research and design of plate heat exchangers.

According to the results of research in 60 – 80 years at the Department were defended 8 PhD theses. The most significant scientific achievements over the years, embedded in the industry and which underlie the educational process:

development and implementation of plate heat exchangers, which at the international exhibition – fair in Leipzig in 1976 he was awarded a gold medal and the first in the world used in the column of synthesis of ammonia (tovazhnyanskiy L. L., R. A. Yastrebenetsky, V. A. Tsibulnik);

the introduction of scientific results of studies of methanol synthesis by direct oxidation of natural gas (Atroshchenko, V. I., Gaura N. A. Slabun name) In subsequent years, the research directions of the Department are related to:

technologies and equipment for the production of filamentary inorganic reinforcing fillers;

new processes and equipment of environmental biotechnology, food and microbiological industries;

resource – saving technologies and equipment in the chemical and processing industries;

development of new technologies for remediation of landfills (sludge tanks) and treatment of industrial and domestic waste on the territory of Ukraine and CIS. The most significant achievements in these areas:

for the first time in CIS and Europe on the basis of the Severodonetsk chemical plant an industrial plant for the production of whiskers of potassium titanate with a solution-melt and solid-phase method (Prof. shaporev VP);

development and implementation of JSC “Sumy NPO. Frunze” installation of BIOGAS 301 for the disposal and recycling of pig farms for fertilizer and biogas (Professor weaver G. A., Assoc. Zinchenko M. G.);

the creation and implementation of the Crimean soda ash plant distillation unit for the regeneration of the filter liquid in the soda ash production capacity of 1000 MT of soda (tovazhnyanskiy L. L., weaver G. A., Frumin V. M.);

The main scientific directions of Department’s activity over the past 3 years:

Development of technology and equipment sewage purification in sugar production

Development of technology and equipment for processing of solid domestic waste;

Development of the installation “BIOGAS”

Associated with improvements in chemical processes and processing plants to improve the machines and reactors

Associated with the decision-making management processes in order to increase the service life of equipment, increase its productivity and decrease the negative impact of production on the environment.

The development of new advanced types of equipment meeting modern requirements and the requirements of enterprises and institutions, to the wishes of the customers of the organizations of a national economy.

Not less important goal is the creation of models of new machines, apparatuses and reactor plants, their advertising, organization of exhibitions.

Carrying out research works securely modern experimental base of the Department, including the engineering center of the University, as well as in the branches of the Department. The main base for the development of fundamental and contract work in various areas are research laboratories which ensure the carrying out of research and development. Currently, the Department and its branches, in the engineering centre of NTU “KHPI”, branch of “Lightning” improvement the current laboratory facilities and created a new one.

In the engineering centre of NTU “KHPI” and the branches of the Department created training lab facility where established small-scale existing industrial equipment. The laboratory base consists of existing equipment-technological lines and installations for the production of concentrated juices and tomato paste; technological lines for processing of meat (sausage shop), distillation & distillation unit, installation of soybean processing, grain and sunflower oils; refrigeration, installation, periodic deodorizing oils; installation of water treatment for the food industry diaphragm type; carbonization; powder-gas purification installations, multiple units for other purposes. In future we plan to expand laboratory facilities and experimental equipment.

Created on the basis of the above production lines of the laboratory, allow qualified to conduct training of equipment operation, to improve it, to study technological reliability. The use of the Department’s branch in the factory HARMS allows you to teach students the technology of tank construction from pattern cutting to bench test reactor plants. On the basis of the branch plant of HARMS students have the opportunity to study and participate in the cycle of manufacture of the equipment. Some operations are performed using computer technologies.

The Department of ChTPE of NTU “KHPI” has provided the conditions for the educational process at a high level, which contributes to the training of specialists of the XXI century. The experts of the scientific laboratory at the Department engaged in the development and implementation of highly efficient machines and production lines in chemical and food industries, as well as in the field of engineering environmental protection.

Department of ChTPE offers cooperation to colleagues from educational institutions, research organizations and companies in the following areas:

the study of the experience of teaching propellerbuy disciplines;

exchange of faculty and graduate students with the aim of training, the implementation of scientific research;

exchange of students with the purpose of studying their individual disciplines, internships in enterprises, acquaintance with the country, language practice.


Realizing this simple truth, You are on the path of introducing modern technologies, taking into account:

features of Your production;

possible further modernization of Your production;

Your economic situation

Members of the Department of ChTPE carried out:

design, the examination of objects of chemical, food, pharmaceutical equipment and special equipment;

consulting engineering services for the chemical technology of industrial ecology;

project preparations including the selection or development of optimal technology, design, supervision of equipment installation and commissioning;

training and coaching of personnel operating the equipment.

Using modern technology, we will help You to find effective solutions in the field of chemical engineering and industrial ecology, save money and time by using the optimal combination of equipment. We will help You in maintenance of the installed equipment, the operation and selection of optimal operating modes.

On issues related to the research and development Department, ChTPE contact:

61002, Kharkov, Frunze str., 21, national technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTU “KHPI”), Department of “Chemical technology and ecology”,

(8-057) – 707-66-81,

Head of the Department of ChTPE, Professor, Ph. D., Shaporev V.P.

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