Are trained in the following areas:

Industry knowledge-10 “Natural science”. Specialty: 101 “Ecology”

Specialization: “Engineering ecology”

Educational qualification of graduates: bachelor, specialist, master.

Graduates are given qualification:

bachelor degree: natural resource management;

on the level of a master: the professional in the field of ecology.

Form of education: day, correspondence, remote.

Industry knowledge: Mechanical engineering 13. Specialty: 133 “engineering”

Specialization: “Equipment of processing and food industry and chemical productions”

Educational qualification of graduates: bachelor, specialist, master. Graduates are given qualification:

at the level of bachelor: bachelor of engineering;

at the level of the degree: professional engineering.

Form of education: day, correspondence.

Technology education in the Department provide close links with relevant organizations, training of specialists, focused on the latest achievements of science and technology. This allows our graduates to adapt quickly to the conditions of modern production and specific professional activities.

The training program corresponds to the modern level of development of science, technology, educational technology and on a par with traditionally strong fundamental, technical and special training also includes:

wide use in educational process of modern computer technology (CAD and computer simulation, Internet technologies, and much more)

intensive language training (English and German languages, internships abroad);

economic training (business Economics, organization of production and marketing);

the extended socio-humanitarian training (basics of personnel management, psychology, creativity, etc.).

The main direction of modern training, which will meet the requirements of industry and science – three-level vocational education, which relies on information technology and humanism. Humanism technician is responsible to his contemporaries and descendants for the results of their activities. Responsibility implies the ability to anticipate, and this requires knowledge not only professional, but also knowledge of the historical roots of science, about the relationship of science with culture, civilization and development of fundamental Sciences.

With an integrated approach to teaching in the Department of ChTPE, in addition to engineering training, implemented four systems of continuous training:

economic and legal purpose of forming knowledge and skills necessary for the solution of tasks and control quality of production in a free market, organization of production with the release of products to the world market, the creation of mobile technology and equipment to quickly reorient production for new products;

to obtain environmental knowledge necessary for the solution of tasks and control the quality of the environment, creation of low-waste production, address the issues of resourcing;

computer to gain knowledge for work with computers in dialogue mode as a user, including, if a computer is connected to various information networks;

humanitarian education, including learning several foreign languages chosen by the student.

For students possible to receive a second diploma of the economic faculty of NTU “KHPI”.

Modern education is provided by a complex of special and economic disciplines with the goal of creating knowledge creating organizations, psychology of business relationships, systems, recruitment, marketing, the formation of the ability in law to carry out business contacts with domestic and foreign partners.

The state of the scientific base, the Department of ChTPE and composition of the academic personnel provide the training of qualified specialists, meeting the requirements of time and the directions of technical progress.

Beginning with the fourth year students take active part in scientific developments. The result of their participation consists of publications, bachelor and master’s works. In addition, the results of fundamental and applied research to find practical implementation in the educational process by introducing the discipline of new sections, the preparation and issuing of guidelines, training manuals.

Worrying about the future, the Department attracts students to scientifically-research works, holding the Olympics in individual disciplines and specialties. Become a long-standing tradition of the annual scientific-technical conference of teachers, graduate students. The best reports are submitted to the participation at the international conference MicroCad, with mandatory publication of printed abstracts.

Department of ChTPE prepares highly qualified professionals with engineering and humanitarian education. Our graduates can work in the specialty in many public and commercial organizations and enterprises of Ukraine. Provides comprehensive educational and research activities in the field of chemical engineering and industrial ecology, the staff and students involved in conducting international projects in this area and actively collaborates with scientific centers and industrial enterprises.

At the Department of education, ChTPE will give You the opportunity to PURCHASE a high professional potential, to OBTAIN and organize all the necessary knowledge to FORM a social circle with colleagues and CHOOSE a decent job.

The full text of the rules of admission is located on the http://www.kpi.kharkov.ua/ua/abiturient/rules/

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