Scientific activity

Faculty departments made in the following areas:

  • Information technology management of hierarchical distributed systems;
  • IT project management;
  • Intelligent natural language study;
  • The development of theory and methods for the synthesis of robust decentralized control of distributed supply chains in the face of uncertainty;
  • Solution of control of nonlinear systems;
  • Information provision of training;
  • Development of methods for solving inverse problems of diagnosis and control of nonlinear systems with the application of computational intelligence and synergy;
  • Problems of Humanities and technical elite.

At the faculty trained 36 graduate students, 19 of them full-time and 17 part-time forms of learning and computational techniques, information technology, automation of management processes, theories and methods of professional education, labor psychology and engineering psychology.

A large number of theses in these fields mathematical modeling and computational methods, information technology, automation control, protected at the meetings of the Academic Council D 64.050.07, which is created on the basis of faculty scientists.

To research activities aimed at improving the theory, the development of new mathematical methods, models, information technology, etc., involved faculty and students. Each year, about one hundred papers published in scientific and technical journals by students. Students of the department of computer mathematics and mathematical modeling, as well as the Department of Intelligent Computer Systems are the executors of research work carried out by order of the well-known by Samsung.

Scientific activity can generate a high level of theoretical training of graduates.