About the Department

Department «Computer science and intellectual property»
faculty «Computer and information technology» National technical university «Kharkov polytechnical institute»
prepares the following specialists:
6.050101 «Computer sciences» (“Bachelor’s degree”, term of studying – 4 years);
8.18010015 «The consolidated information» (“Master’s degreе”, term of studying – 2 years);
8(7).18010011 «Intellectual property»

(“Master’s degree”, term of studying – 2 years, “Specialist’s degree”, term of studying – 1.5 years)


Our graduated students are received knowledge and the skills necessary for analysts and programmers software developers for integrated Web-oriented systems of intellectual data processing on the basis of software and information technology

Java, C++, PHP, XML, IBM DB2, Eclipse, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Mantis, Wiki, MS Project, IBM Rational Software, Platinum BP/ER Win, Sybase Power Designer, MS Visio, J2EE = Java Enterprise Edition, LAMP = Linux/Windows + Apache + PHP + MySQL.

After the termination of bachelor’s degree program you can continue studying on one of two specialities with the following programs:

Consolidated information:
competitive investigation, mathematical bases of the data analysis, marketing of information resources, technologies and means of the information consolidation, technology of knowledge management, technologies of support of decision-making, basis of information security of professional work, applied information analysis

Intellectual property:
industrial property rights, copyright and related rights, information and analytical support for patent and patent and market research, registration, order and protection of intellectual property rights, the economy of intellectual property rights, innovation management, project management and investment, the commercialization of software and information systems