The department was founded in 1984. Then she wore the name of the department of economics and organization of the machine-building industry and provided eco nomic training for students of engineering specialties in engineering and electrical engineering. In the beginning of 1995 the department was included in the newly created economic faculty under the name of the Department of Economics and Marketing.

From the day of the foundation of the department it is headed by D.Sc., prof. Yakovlev Anatoly Ivanovich.
He is the author of more than 400 scientific publications, among which 50 books published in 14 countries of the world. He was awarded the honorary title of the Honored Worker of Public Education of Ukraine and was elected the Academician of the Academy of Inner Science of Ukraine.
The main scientific direction of his work – economic problems of scientific and technological progress, innovation activities including – the development of theory and methods of economic evaluation of innovations. Yakovleva AI Included in the biographical dictionary “Famous People of the Twentieth Century” of the International Bibliographic Center in Cambridge.

Since 1994 the department has trained marketing specialists. In 1998, 40 first students defended the diplomas of specialists, and in 2012 there was already the 15th issue. In 2002, the department received a license for the training of masters in the specialty 050108 “Marketing”, and in 2005 successfully passed the acre-dation for the fourth highest educational qualification level. In 2002, the department received a license for the preparation of bachelor’s degrees in the specialty 050107 “Enterprise Economics”, and in 2007 the first time there was a set of magistracy in this specialty.