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Online classes

According to the order of NTU “KhPI” No. 110 OD dated 03/19/2022, the Department of Humanities began online classes with international students from 03/28/2022.

Online classes

During the quarantine period (from February 07 to February 25, 2022), the Department of Humanities teaches students online. The teachers conduct classes in Language of professional training (English, Ukrainian) with students from around the world.

Приказ №48 ОД от 26 января «Об организации образовательного процесса во время эпидемической опасности»

International school-seminar “Modern pedagogical technologies in education”

Senior lecturers of the Department of Humanities Dmytryk A.Yu. and Miroshnichenko M.P. took part in the XIX International School-Seminar “Modern pedagogical technologies in education” (02-04 February 2022).

On winter  holidays

On winter holidays, students of group A3 (curator – N. Kartun) visited a bowling club, where they had fun playing bowling and drinking tea in a friendly atmosphere.

An excursion to the winter park

On December 31, 2021, students of group A6 (curator – Sukhanova T.E.) visited the Gorky Park. Students also could see the main Christmas tree in Kharkiv on Liberty Square.

Online classes

During the quarantine period, the Department of Humanities teaches students online. The teachers conduct classes in Language of professional training (English, Ukrainian) with students from around the world.

National Day of the Republic of Turkey

A concert dedicated to the National Day of the Republic of Turkey took place on October 29 at the International Education Faculty. The teachers of the Department of Humanities together with students prepared interesting acts – songs, quizzes, tricks, and showed a short film about Turkey. There was a good and uplifting mood in the festively decorated hall. It is very important to support international students being far from their families and to celebrate their national holidays.


Excursion to the park

27.10.2021 students from the group A4 (curator – Dmytryk A.Yu.) and the group A1 (curator – Myroshnichenko M.P.) visited the Central Park of Culture and Rest – Gorky Park. They tasted Lviv croissants and played Alias, a game, where students had to explain as many English words as possible to the opposite team. Students enjoyed walking around the park and speaking with groupmates.

A student from Turkey talks about studying at NTU “KhPI”

A student from TurkeyKilic Salih Berkay (group A1, curator – senior teacher A.Yu. Dmytryk) talks about his studying at NTU “KhPI”.

A student from China talks about studying at NTU “KhPI”

A student from China Dow Kai (group 12, curator – senior teacher O.V. Krivolapova) talks about his studying at NTU “KhPI”.

New academic year

The new 2020-2021 academic year has begun. International students from Turkey, Lebanon, China, and Japan joined the  International Education Faculty  of NTU “KhPI”. Now, at the Department of Humanities, they are working hard to study the languages of vocational training – Ukrainian and English. Students say it’s not easy, but it’s interesting!

In the photo: The classes are held by teachers of the Department of Humanities: Head of the Department, Assoc. Prof. Nadiia Severin, Assoc. Prof. Yuri Romanov, Senior Teacher Maria Myroshnichenko.

A meeting of the Department

On May 29, 2020, a meeting of the Department of Humanities was held. The meeting was held remotely in Google Meet format.

Online Classes are Going on 


Quarantine in Ukraine

Quarantine has been extended until May 22, 2020.

Circus on water “Waterland. Secrets of Atlantis”

On February 29, 2020, students of groups 13 and 14 (curators – senior teachers of the Department of Humanities O.V. Kryvolapova and O.M. Viktor) saw the Circus on Water show “Waterland. Secrets of Atlantis”.

Great football

On February 20, 2020, students of group 13 (curator – senior teacher of the Department of Humanities O.V. Kryvolapova) attended the Europa League match with the participation of football teams ”Shakhtar” and ”Benfica”.

Round table “Great scientists of the world”

Students’ leisure

The staff of the department not only provides training to foreign students, but also organizes their leisure. In their free time, students, together with curators of the groups, visit theaters, a circus, enjoy classical music at concerts in Khariv Philharmonia.

On February 12, 2020, students of group 12 (curator – Head of the Department of Humanities, Assoc. Prof. Severin N.V.) visited KhNATOB, where they listened with pleasure to Verdi’s opera Nabucco, and on February 25, 2020 they listened to the music of the great Polish composer Frederic Chopin at Kharkiv Philharmonia.

Open Day NTU “KPI”

On February 23, 2020 NTU “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” held the first Open Day NTU “KPI” this year and the Science is FUN! Science Festival. For international students who are undergoing pre-university training at our university, this event has become a very important and unforgettable event. International students had a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the first technical university of Kharksv, its educational programs, to communicate with teachers, students, the management of the Polytechnic University, to take part in various master classes and workshops, to attend a military exhibition of the KhPI tank institute, and to take part in many other events!

Students play chess

From November 2019 to February 2020, a chess tournament (curated by Assoc. Prof. Yu.O. Romanov) was held in group A2. Students really enjoyed this ancient game. The winner of the tournament is a student from Lebanon, Saad Mohamad.

XVII International Seminar “Modern Pedagogical Technologies in Education”


Happy New Year!

New Year concert

Meeting with alumni 

On October 22, 2019, NTU “KhPI” held a meeting of teachers of the Department of Humanities with former students who studied at the preparatory faculty at “KhPI” and other universities of Ukraine many years ago. All of them came to Kharkov from Morocco, where they created the Alumni Association. The idea of creating the Association, according to former Kharkov students, arose thanks to annual meetings in Morocco with the aim of communicating in Russian, organizing joint leisure and warm memories of student years.

The purpose of their current trip is to visit Ukraine and Kharkov, to see the places where their youth passed, to meet the teachers of the preparatory faculty who taught them the Russian language and other subjects, and let them get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Ukraine. They carried all the valuable knowledge, warmth, care and love of the faculty teachers with them through many years. Thanks to the knowledge and diplomas of Kharkov institutes, all the graduates achieved great success – they became directors of enterprises, took high government posts, opened their own companies, and founded holdings. With great love and gratitude, they recalled Ukraine, Kharkov and their favorite teachers, who invested in them not only knowledge, but also the love to language, culture and work.

The Alumni Association plans to renew links with Ukraine, to facilitate the selection of Moroccan students to study at NTU “KhPI”, and other Ukrainian universities. As a sign of gratitude and respect to the teachers of the Department of Humanities, the graduates dedicated them a poem by Omar Khayyam …

Как хочется сказать хорошие слова…
Пусть снег идёт, а с ним и обновленье.
Что жизнь прекрасна и добра!
Цени все эти милые мгновенья!
Ведь из таких мгновений наша жизнь.
И если верим мы в такое чудо…
Душа поёт, и сердце рвётся в высь…
И не страшна нам злая вьюга!
Не существует зависти и лжи.
А лишь покой, тепло и вдохновенье.
Мы на земле для счастья и любви!
Так пусть продлится это миг свеченья!

A Visit to AVEC Gallery

The students of groups A-1, 11, 21 visited the exhibition in AVEK Gallery.

Meeting with an American astronaut

On October 9, 1919 NTU “KhPI” was visited by an American astronaut with Ukrainian roots, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper. The visit was timed to coincide with World Space Week. The meeting was attended by a group of international students studying at International Education Faculty (curator of group 11 – senior teacher of the Department of Humanities Sedoykina Tetiana Mykolaivna).

Presentation of the book “Light and Freedom”

On September 17, 2019 teachers of our department attended the presentation of the book “Light and Freedom. Reflections on the pursuit of happiness” based on the work of the third President of America Thomas Jefferson. Book editor – American lawyer Eric Scott Petersen – gave a lecture “The Historical and Philosophical Legacy of Thomas Jefferson in the Modern World”. The event was attended by students, teachers, and guests of KhPI.

Thank you, our dear Faculty!

Conference MicroCAD-2019

On May 16, 2019, in the framework of the XXVІІ International Scientific and Practical Conference “Information Technologies: Science, Engineering, Technology, Education, Health” (MicroCAD-2019), a meeting of Section 24 “International Technical Education: Trends and Development” was held. At the meeting, presentations were made by the Head of the Department of Humanities Prof. T.A. Snegurova, Assoc.  Yu.A. Romanov, and Assoc. Prof. V.V. Gaivoronskaya. The meeting was also attended by members of the department: Prof. N.I.Nagaitseva, Senior Teacher T.N. Sedoykina, Teacher M.E. Shelestina and Teacher  I.V. Mikhnev

Certificates of the conference participant are presented by the Vice- Dean of the Faculty of International Education Assoc. Рrof. Yu.R. Gavrylyuk.

Excursion to Ecopark

On May 8, 2019, the students of groups 12 and 13 visited the Ecopark. The excursion was organized by Senior teacher E.V. Krivolapova, and Senior teacher T.S. Kvashina.

Circle of Ukrainian culture for international students “Vyshyvanka”

Conference “The Role of Science in the Development of Society”

On April 18, 2019, at International Education Faculty, an interuniversity student scientific and practical conference “The role of science in the development of society” was held.

In the picture: organizers (Dean of International Education Faculty, Associate Professor Kudiy D.A., Associate Professor Khripunova A.L.) and conference moderators (senior teacher Ralitnaya I.A., student of group 11 Tolga Dogru)..

In the picture: Head Department of Humanities prof. Snegurova T.A. and senior teachers Sedoykina T.N., and Krivolapova E.V.

On the way to science: first steps

The student of International Education Faculty Tolga Dogru (curator – Associate Professor Yu.A. Romanov, scientific advisor – Associated Professor Lisachuk L.N.) spoke at the XVIII Interuniversity Scientific and Practical Conference “On the way to science: first steps” (participated by international students of preparatory faculties and departments of Ukraine), held at the National University of Pharmacy.

In class

A class with international students by Prof. T.A. Snegurova

Distance course «Debut. Russian for beginners»

Distance course “Debut. Russian for beginners” (authors: Prof. T.A. Snegurova, Assoc. Prof. Yu.A. Romanov, and Senior Teacher V.Yu. Paramonova) received the Certificate of Problem Laboratory of Distance Learning of NTU “KPI” and is actively used in the educational process.

Methodical seminar

Department of Humanities held a methodical seminar “Extracurricular activity as a form of educational process”.

Speaker: Senior Teacher O.M.Viktor

Open day at NTU ”KhPI” and Festival ”Science is FUN!”

Open Day NTU “KPI” is a significant event in the life of international students who came to study in Ukraine from many countries of the world.

NTU “KPI” has 42 specialties, 89 departments, and occupies the 4th position in the ranking of the TOP-200 universities of Ukraine, TOP-1000 in the QS World University Rankings.

The students were amazed by the variety of engineering specialties, for which the training at NTU “KPI” is conducted, the quality of the stands, the carrying out of various experiments, bright booklets and the cordiality of the staff of the departments of NTU “KPI”.

Students received the necessary information about the fields of study that interested them – “computer engineering” and “power stations”.

Students learned a lot of interesting and diverse information from the speech of the rector of NTU “KPI” – prof. Ye.I. Sokol, as well as from the meeting with the Vice-Rector of NTU “KPI” – prof. G.S. Khripunov and the dean of International Education Faculty – assoc. prof. D.A. Kudiy.

The students also saw vivid performances of a sports club, a circus studio, and listened to a rock band performance.

Open Day of NTU “KPI” made a great positive impression on international students and strengthened their desire to continue their study at NTU “KPI”.


The learner’s dictionary of Russian verb forms (with English equivalents) is published at the Department of Humanities.

Most commonly used forms of Russian verbs of imperfective and perfective aspects with the examples of usage and their English equivalents are represented. The dictionary contains more than 400 entries. The students have an opportunity to use the List of Russian verbs with internet links for listening: The learner’s dictionary of Russian verb forms (with English equivalents)

In the photo: the authors of the dictionary (Associate Professor Yu.A., Romanov, Senior lecturers T.S. Kvashina, E.V. Krivolapova) and Head ща the Department of Humanities, prof. T.A. Snegurova.

New Year’s concert

A traditional festive concert was held at the International Education Faculty during which students in Santa Claus and Snow Maiden costumes congratulated the learners and teaschers of the faculty with the coming New Year; participants of the concert read poetry, sang songs. Congratulations and best wishes to the students were expressed by Vice-rector for Scientific-and-Pedagogical Work (International Relations), Prof. G.S. Khrypunov.

Students’ life

So, the first months of study at the International Education Faculty of  have pased. Students are telling about themselves, about their friends, about their studies in Kharkov.

Students of group 13

Students of group 12

The student of group 22 Hussein Tavbe (Lebanon) is telling about himself and about why he came to Kharkov.

International Scientific and Practical Seminar

On December 14, 2017, the International Scientific and Practical Seminar “Innovations and traditions in the language training of students” was held at Kharkiv National University of Construction and Architecture; the lecture “Distance course “Debut” for teaching and learning Russian as a foreign language” by Associate Prof. Yu. Romanov, Prof. T. Snegurova, and Senior teacher V. Paramonova was given.

The seminar was also attended by Senior teacher O. Viktor.

“We already speak Russian”

On May 19, 2017 there was a traditional final concert “We already speak Russian”. Students from Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan, China, Vietnam, Turkmenistan read poetry very well, sang songs in Russian and Ukrainian. Dean of the IEF  I.V. Tyupa noted that for a short time students could learn a foreign language, congratulated the students on the end of the academic year and wished them success in mastering the profession they have chosen. The concert was prepared by Senior Teachers of Department of Humanities V. Yu. Paramonova, and T.N. Sedoykina.


In accordance with the agreement between NTU “KPI” and Istanbul Aydin University, Department of Humanities of Faculty of International Education from June 13 to July 13, 2016 holds the Russian language training for Turkish students and teachers.