History of the Department

Ince its creation in December 1972, Physics and Technology Department from September 1973 began training students in cryogenic technology. The first were volunteers from the specialty “Physics of Metals”: gr. FT-21 – 10 people, gr. FT-22 – 16 people, and for the first year were taken first entrants in the amount of 25 people – gr. FT-23.

Preparing students in specialty “Cryogenic Engineering and Technology” (before 1989 – “Cryogenics”) held in the HPI and based on the Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (ILTPE). The chair of technical cryophysics was organized on August 31, 1977.

At the root of the organization department were Academicians of Ukraine: director of ILTPE Verkin B.I., deputy director Dmitrenko I.M., professors: rector KPI Semko M.F., vice rector Kirkach N.F., dean of the FT Faculty Sapelkin N.P. Head of the department of technical cryophysics is the leading expert of special design technical department ILTPE, a specialist in analysis of complex cryogenic systems Anatoly Grigoryevich Podolsky.


In 2 years at ILTPE the chair branch which was headed by the member the correspondent of academy of Sciences of Ukraine Dmitrenko Igor Mikhaylovich was created. Together with Anatoly Grigoryevich he is actively involved in the formation of the educational process in the department. At this time, laid physic-mathematical cryogenic preparation, didn’t concede the academic university.

In some years engineers-cryophysicists a continuous stream began to flow in departments and ILTPE laboratories. Engineering training gave them an advantage over graduates of KSU. This was also the great merit of the prof. Podolsky A.G. He felt good changes in the economy in recent years and in time correcting curriculum. This allowed without compromising the fundamental requirements for the training provided by the training of engineers in the field of modern low-temperature technology.

The significant contribution to educational process was made at different times by academics Dmitrenko I.M., Kulik I.O., corresponding member Zvyagin A.I., professors Mikhalchenko R. S., Galayko V. G., Eselson B. N., Kirichenko Yu.A. and researchers ILTPE Musiyenko L.E., Zhitomir I.S.

The great merit of the professor Podolsky A.G. was the basis of the main scientific direction of chair – mathematical modeling of non-stationary thermal physical processes of low-temperature systems.

Mathematical models of gas cars were used in the organizations special design technical department ILTPE NASU, Mikrokriogenmash, Geliymash for design of cryogenic systems which were used in space equipment and military industrial complex. Developed by it with pupils model were used for production of cooling systems of magnetic system Tokamak (UFTI), various products, etc. Active part in these works was taken by students of specialty.

Over the years, the department has formed a qualified team of teachers: the professors Lubyany L.Z., Falko I.I., Kukharenko V.N., Zhun G.G., candidate of technical sciences the senior teacher Rudenko N.Z. Our staff is filled with graduates of the specialty: seniors teachers Overko N.E. and Yushko S.V.

From 1977 to 2012 has trained more than 700 employees, of which honors degrees were 90 people. In ILTPE assigned to work 90 graduates. In Kharkov, and the area was distributed between 50 and 90% of graduates: ILTPE, KIPT, IPCC, IRE, Institute of plant “Electrotyazhmash”, plants “Monolith”, Refrigerators, etc. In Ukraine, the distribution is approximately 90% of the issue: the cities Mariupol, Melitopol, Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, Shostka, Sumy, etc. 

From 2004 to 2008, the department manages Svistunov Vladimir Mikhaylovich, Professor, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sciences, Laureate of State. Prize for Science and Technology.

From 2008 to 2012, the department was headed by Leonid Z. Lubyany, Candidate of Technical Sciences, professor.

Since 2012, the department is headed by a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Sipatov Alexander Yuryevich.