Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the


that will 17-20 April 2018

Abstracts accepted until February 15, 2018

Subjects of conference:

Section 1. Information systems and technology management
Section 2. Mathematical modeling in mechanics and control systems
Section 3. Fundamental and applied problems in engineering
Section 4. Scientific problems of transport engineering
Section 5. The energy, thermal processes and equipment
Section 6. New materials, computer graphics and modern metal processing
Section 7. Fundamental and applied problems of physics
Section 8. Microprocessor technology in automation and instrumentation
Section 9. Electromechanical and electrical converters
Section 10. Modern information and energy-saving technologies in energy
Section 11. Modern chemistry and chemical engineering: theory and practice
Section 12. Improving the technology of organic substances
Section 13. Integrated Chemical Technology in chemical engineering and ecology
Section 14. Modern technologies in economics, management and accounting
Section 15. Information Technology and Intellectual Property
Section 16. Management of investment and innovation processes in industry and the economy
Section 17. Control of the socio-economic systems
Section 18. Social and Human Technology: Challenges and Prospects for Development