The text submitted should not be longer than 1 or 2 full pages of A4 format including figures, in MS Word 2010.

The conference abstracts are prepared according to the following requirements:

– Times New Roman font, size 14;

– margins: left, right, top, bottom – 2 cm;

– single line spacing.

The first line is a PACS of work, left alignment. The Title of the Report in capital letters, align center; surnames and initials of the authors of the reports, left alignment, in italics. The full title of the institution and city (font). The surnames and initials of master are underlined.

References to the figures, tables, equations, literature are to be: Fig. 1; in table 2; in eq. (4); in [14, 16]; [11, p.5]. Equations align center. The font size under a figure – 14 рt or 12 pt, center alignment. Figures and tables separated from the text by a blank line. The title of table left alignment.

References to the literature are to be prepared with font 12 pt.