Training during the quarantine

The Department of Cross-Cultural Communication and Foreign Languages is actively working during the quarantine.

The training is held in all groups. All teachers stay in touch with their students.

We ask the students who, for any reason, have not yet contacted their teachers to do this as soon as possible. E-mail addresses of all teachers of the department are given in the section Our lecturers.

Most of the students take distance learning courses created by faculty members at Moodle. Register for the courses.


The Department of Cross-cultural Communication and Foreign Language was established in 2004. It provides English, German and French for Specific Purposes for undergraduates, master and doctoral students in their professional spheres and specialties for the following faculties:

  • “Business and Finance”;
  • Economic;
  • “Computer Science and Information Technologies”;
  • Mechanical and Technological;
  • Engineering Physics;
  • “Computer Science and Programme Engineering”.

In 2015 the Department started to provide Masters’ training within a graduate program in specialty 061 «Journalism» – speciality 061-01 “Media communications”. The Department is headed by Doctor of Sociology, Doctor of Philology (Russia), Professor Olena Ihorivna Goroshko.


The Faculty is represented by 18 teachers of English, German and French languages, among them there is 1 Doctor of Sociology and 7 Philosophy Doctors, namely Professor, Doctor of Sociology O.I.Goroshko; Associate Professor, Philosophy Doctor V.V Larchenko.; Associate Professor, Philosophy Doctor O.M. Saienko; Professor, Philosophy Doctor O.M.Tomilin; Associate Professor, Philosophy Doctor O.O.Zemliakova; Associate Professor, Philosophy Doctor L.V.Pavlova; Associate Professor, Philosophy Doctor L.M.Salionovych; Associate Professor, Philosophy Doctor К.V.Khyzhnyak; Associate Professor A.Y.Grebennik; Associate Professor G.V.Komova; Associate Professor Т.M.Netetska; Associate Professor V.V.Rubtsova; Assistant Professor O.V.Shakhmatova; Assistant Professor G.S.Tarasova, Instructor N.G.Volkova; Instructor V.V.Koliada; Instructor G.O.Neustroeva.

The teaching staff presents highly professional, creative and experienced team.



The research efforts of the Department are directed towards scientific investigations, participation in scientific projects, conferences and seminars, encouraging our University’s undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students to participate in all-Ukrainian and international competitions and conferences.

The Complex Research Topic of the Department is « Modern Social Communication». In the frame of this research the following issues are developed:

a) professional, academic and cross-cultural communication ;

b) modern methods of teaching Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes;

c) public relations;

d) e-learning, e-learning 2.0;

e) computer-mediated communication;

f) media communication.

Special attention at the Department is paid to the study of Computer-Mediated Communication (including Computer-Mediated Communication in Convergent Media), as well as to the problem of e-learning.

During 2016-2017 academic year the members of the Department took part in several reserach and practice conferences, forums and seminars including 4 international ones. 1 textbook, 1 monograph and 8 scientific articles were published.

Students who receive our Masters’ training took part in 3 conferences, published 12 articles and 8 conference abstracts.

International cooperation 

The administration of the Department concluded cooperation agreements with Polotsk State University (Belarus) and Person Publishing House. The cooperation agreement with Ariel University was renewed.

Associate professor K.V.Khyzhniak completed a long-term training at Ariel University (Israel) (26 June — 23 November 2016 and 24 January — 24 May 2017) and did a course «Personal empirical reserach work».

Education and Practice

Annually the Department organizes:

The first round of the Olympiad in foreign languages area, the winners of which take part in the Second round all-Ukrainian Olympiad;

  • Student teams preparation for participation in professional competitions. In 2013 the NTU KhPI team took the first place in the Golden Compass, national contest of PR projects (team trainer Professor O.I.Goroshko);
  • Series of seminars «Internet – technologies in Tertiary Educational Process» in the framework of the interuniversity seminar «Modern Pedagogical Technologies in Education» (lecturer – Professor O.I.Goroshko);
  • Scientific seminars with Professor P. Zemlyansky’s participation (Mason University, USA – the head of the program «Creating a Curricular Structure for Professional Writing») ,
  • Student research conferences in cross–cultural communication and the new essence of the global world (Associate Professor V. Larchenko) ,
  • «Round Tables» in English on professional topics, involving undergraduates and doctoral students of NTU KhPI.

Our educational work is focused on:

using educational materials, which were obtained during the research seminars, scientific conferences and practical workshops and advanced training programmes;

communicative strategies;

the development and introduction of pedagogical innovation into educational process (active and problematic education; cases and projects; encouraging presentation of the new material, thematic discussion; collective and reciprocal education);

innovative technologies: organizing creative and role-play approach.

In her teaching activities, due to the specifics of the courses “Information Society Theories Development “, “Mass Communications Sociology”, “Electronic PR” professor O.I.Goroshko uses virtual work environments for online learning, namely Moodle, which contains electronic course materials, useful additional materials, as well as links to the necessary web sources of the course (

The same system also provides online testing for the courses taught.

Facebook social network is used as an auxiliary tool for teaching master’s and doctoral students in the disciplines “ESP” and “Foreign language for communication in the scientific and professional environment” – as it contains links to interesting and necessary materials and films.

Skype technologies are also used in the educational process, (inviting well-known speakers and experts to conduct seminars or lectures), as well as brainstorming techniques, meta-planning and case method to solve problem situations arising in the academic process.

Head of the department professor O.I.Goroshko participates in the methodological school-seminar “New Technologies in Education”. The department annually holds a seminar for teachers of Ukrainian universities “Using interactive teaching methods at universities. This academic year the department has held ” The Interuniversity School for Media Communications “Communication and Media Academy” (Prof. O.I.Goroshko), and a TV programme “Talk about the Profession” (Prof. O.I.Goroshko), a number of  practical and research seminars on media communications, an annual research conference for post-graduates named after. prof. V.D. Berlovskaya “Topical problems of modern science” (Prof. O.M.Tomilin), a master class “Your PR-manager” with Liliana Semenyuta’s participation in the lecture course “PR Communications” (Assoc. Prof. V.V.Larchenko) .

Round tables on modern media and journalism (Prof. O.I.Goroshko) are conducted at the department:

“The presidential press pool work “;
“Modern television and the trends of its development”;
“Trust in modern media in the world”;
“English for communication in academic environment.”

Coordination on online testing and training projects for NTU “KhPI” students under the British Council cooperation program is carried out by Professor O.I.Goroshko. and Assistant Professor G.S.Tarasova.

Pearson’s seminar “Innovative methods, principles and approaches to testing professional knowledge in English» and a seminar “Overview of Current Methods in US Communicate Research” with the participation of Professor Pavel Zemlyansky were held.

The department teaches ESP for the following specialties:
051 Economy
071 Taxation
072 Finance, Banking and Insurance
073 Management
075 Marketing
076 Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activity
121 Software Engineering
122 Computer Sciences
123 Computer Engineering

061 Journalism (Master’s programmes)
122 Computer Sciences (Master’s programmes)
123 Computer Engineering (Master’s programmes)

The department teaches Second Foreign Language for the specialty of
073 Management

The department teaches «Public Relations» and «Communication Theory» for the specialty of 075 Marketing

The department teaches «Development of Information Society Theories» and ««Mass Communications Sociology» for the specialty of 054 Sociology.
The department teaches «Foreign Language for Communication in Professional Sphere» for PhD degree seekers.


Advanced Training

Training for department educators is conducted according to the schedule in the following ways :
1. Participation in NTU “KhPI” intramural seminars.
2. Participation in the scientific seminars and practical workshops in higher educational institutions of Kharkov, Ukraine and foreign countries.
3. Distance learning on retraining courses of foreign language for special purposes to improve teaching practices and to develop courses and teaching materials. Certificates are handed out upon the completion of the courses.