Department of Foreign Languages

Head of Department:

                          Goncharenko Tatiana Yevgenivna

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About the department

The department was founded in 1950. Its founder is A. P. Roginsky, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics. Over the years, prominent teachers worked at the department: M. I. Akimova, A. G. Belaya, G. O. Valina, T. K. Vertysheva, R. G. Eliseeva, D. P. Salionovich. Since 1985, the department is headed by Professor L. V. Skripnichenko. The teaching staff consists of 40 teachers, of which 1 is a professor, 10 are associate professors, 22 are senior teachers, 7 are teachers. The department has a completely modern material base. The total area of ​​the educational, laboratory and office premises of the department is 314 square meters. The laboratory base is equipped with modern audio and video equipment. The department provides teaching a foreign language for professional purposes at 13 technical faculties of NTU “KhPI”. The structure of the discipline includes teaching English, German and French. Classes are held at 1-5 courses of full-time education and at 1 year of extramural studies (more than 6.5 thousand students), in groups of graduate students, interns-researchers, in language training groups for trips abroad of students, graduate students, faculty . The volume of training assignments is 34350 hours per year. Taking part in three international projects in conjunction with the language center of Magdeburg University. Otto-von-Guericke (Germany), the department is engaged in the preparation and publication of training complexes (study guides and computer-based training and monitoring programs for them) in various areas of the development of modern science and technology, environmental problems, as well as youth and regional studies topics. The result of work within the framework of international projects was the publication of two educational complexes with the signature stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science. In the 2007-2009 academic year, work is supposed to be done on the creation of a dossier for the control of knowledge in the framework of European requirements. In the process of training, students use more than 200 textbooks and guidelines created by the staff of the department. The department conducts research work in the following areas: systematic organization of language material in the didactic aspect, scientific and professional communication, the use of innovative teaching methods. In these areas, teachers of the department publish scientific articles and make presentations at international scientific and practical conferences. In the framework of cooperation between NTU “KhPI” and the University of Klagenfurt (Austria), Ukrainian-Austrian courses are available. Preparation for the exam for the certificate is carried out by the Department of Foreign Languages. Over the past 15 years, more than 250 students of our university have improved their knowledge of German in Austria. Having obtained the necessary level of knowledge of a foreign language during the training process as part of academic and intensive groups at NTU “KhPI” in various fields, students and graduates have the opportunity to participate in various international projects and programs. The department, having a qualified team of teachers, a powerful material base, does everything to ensure that a graduate of a technical university is also ready for full-time work in joint ventures or in foreign companies.

Scientific areas

1. The use of innovative teaching methods.

2. Development of distance learning courses in foreign languages.

3. Development of computer programs in foreign languages.

4. Testing.