Information for foreign entrants

The cost of training depends on the chosen specialty.

Payment for training foreigners at NTU “KhPI” is annually established by the decision of the International Council of the University.

Training Duration:

pre-university preparation – 1 year;
to obtain the educational and qualification level of a bachelor – 4 years;
for obtaining the educational and qualification level of the master – 2 years (with a bachelor’s degree);
in graduate school – 4 years (with a master’s diploma);
in doctoral studies – 2 years (if there is a diploma of a candidate of sciences).

Start of classes:

at the main faculties of the university: from September 1;
in pre-university training: year-round (as educational groups are formed).

Upon completion of training at the university, foreign students are issued diplomas of the appropriate level of training, and they are legalized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Living conditions and leisure students.

The campus is compactly located in the central district of Kharkov. Students are accommodated in university dormitories. The cost of living in a hostel depends on the conditions of housing, which is determined by a separate agreement.

Medical care for foreign students is carried out in a specialized student clinic, which is located near the university.

NTU “KhPI” has two sports complexes with a swimming pool, gyms, courts, an arena and various sports sections.

There is also a Polytechnic dispensary, a sports and recreation camp Figuravka on the picturesque bank of the Seversky Donets River.

The cultural life of foreign students takes place with the Palace of Students of NTU “KhPI”. There you can engage in music, dance, acting and organize concerts, various events.