Admission conditions for foreign citizens

Admission to training is carried out based on the results of an interview with the subsequent conclusion of an agreement with the applicant or with the legal entity representing him. Reception is also based on interstate agreements.

Admission to the university – twice a year, before and at the beginning of the academic semesters (until November 01 and until March 01, respectively).

Enrollment of foreigners in the curriculum of the preparatory department is carried out if they have a complete general secondary education received outside Ukraine.

To enroll in full-time studies for applicants from visa countries, you must receive an “Invitation to study” for a visa type D.

To obtain a visa to Ukraine, you must provide the Ukrainian Embassy in the country of residence of the applicant “Study Invitation” and documents for admission to the university.

To receive an invitation, you need a copy of the following documents (electronic or paper form):

passports of a foreigner;
a document on the obtained level of education with grades (points) for the passed disciplines or academic information;
written consent to the processing of personal data.

The invitation is valid for no more than 6 months from the date of its issue.

Data can be sent by E-mail: or by fax: +38 (057) 707-63-16

For admission to the first year, a foreigner personally submits an application of the established form in paper form to the selection committee.

Attached to the application:

1) the original document on secondary education with a list of subjects and grades (points) obtained;

2) original passport;

3) 6 photo cards measuring 35 × 45 mm;

4) student application form (filled out at the university).

The documents referred to in paragraphs 1-2 must be certified in accordance with the legislation of the country of issue, translated into Ukrainian and legalized in the prescribed manner.