Call for Erasmus+ scholarship applications at University of Sannio

Dear students!

It is a great pleasure to announce a new call for the Erasmus+ program at our partner university: the University of Sannio (Benevento, Italy) for students of specialty 073 Management.

The program offers scholarships for studying in Autumn 2024. The mobility is possible to start in September 2024. Mobility duration is at least 3 months.

Applicants should prepare the following documents:

  1. International passport (should be valid at least 3 months after the possible mobility)
  2. CV (Europass form with personal photo)
  3. English Certificate (signed by an English teacher). It is better to send an official confirmation of English proficiency (e.g. APTIS, IELTS, FCE, etc.)
  4. Motivation letter
  5. Transcript of records (signed by the Institute Director and stamped) can be prepared later*


To apply, please contact Associate Prof. Natalia Shyriaieva via university email at and provide the mentioned documents.


Application Deadline:

The deadline for applications is May 31, 2024.


There is the availability for accommodation at partner university.