About the department

The Management and Taxation Department was founded in 1991 by Leonid Ivin, the Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. At the time of establishment the Department was named “the Management Department”. It was the first Management department in Ukraine, thus Kharkov polytechnic institute was the first Ukrainian university that started training students in the field of management.

In 2004, the Management Department was renamed the Management and Taxation Department because of starting a new academic program – the preparation of specialists in the field of taxation.

Currently, the Management and Taxation Department is one of the key departments of the Faculty of Business and Finance.

The Department trains undergraduate and graduate students pursuing their bachelor, specialist and master degrees in the fields of Management and Taxation. In 2015, new Master programs were launched – “Taxation” and “Business Administration” (MBA).

Twenty full-time faculty members teach at the Management and Taxation Department, including one Doctor of Economic Sciences and 10 Candidates of Sciences (equivalent to a PhD). All faculty members have proficiency in at least one foreign language, some of them have international experience related to research and education.

Since 2006, the Management and Taxation Department has been offering training in English. Currently, the English-language program is available to students majoring in Management (specializations: “Management of Organizations and Administration”, “Business Administration”)

Since 1991, more than 1000 students have been awarded bachelor, specialist, and master degrees after completing their studies at the Management and Taxation Department.

In 2015-2016, three faculty members defended their dissertations and earned the Candidate of Science degrees in Economics. Currently, six graduate students pursue their Candidate of Science degrees at the Department.

Apart from teaching, all faculty members conduct research on a variety of topics such as: Managing the development of industrial enterprises; Use of information technology and systems in management; Reforming the tax system in Ukraine. Special emphasis is placed on involving students in research activities.

The Management and Taxation Department graduates are employed by private companies in a wide range of sectors, state-owned enterprises, government agencies, where they work as top-managers, department managers, economists-analysts, taxation specialists, etc. Some graduates have started their own business.

The Department has extensive links with leading universities in Germany, Slovenia and other countries, where students have an opportunity to get additional theoretical and practical training, to gain valuable international experience, to attain high levels of proficiency in foreign languages, to receive a second degree from a foreign university, to continue studies abroad and pursue a PhD degree.

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