Scope of the conference

The objective of the Conference is to bring together scientists and engineers to present and discuss recent developments on the different problems of nonlinear dynamics.
    • Analytical and numerical methods in nonlinear dynamics
    • Resonances, stability analysis and bifurcations in nonlinear systems
    • Nonlinear normal modes
    • Transient, localization of energy
    • Chaotic dynamics
    • Nonlinear dynamics of continuous systems, in particular, plates and shells
    • Vibro-impact systems and other non-smooth systems
    • Problems of Control in Nonlinear systems
    • Nonlinear Dynamics of Structures and Machines and other problems of engineering applications

MINI-SYMPOSIUM «The R-FUNCTIONS THEORY, It’s DEVELOPMENT and RECENT APPLICATIONS» will take place within the framework of the conference. (Click here for details)